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This page will be filled with content over the next couple of days... err... weeks... ok, make that months... maybe years... as soon as I find the time to do so.

Things to expect include:

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The ADOM RPG diary

May, 22nd, 2000

Wow... one and a half years (almost) since the last change of this webpage. Tells you something about my schedule. And still no new version of teh RPG in sight although things still are crawling ahead at a very slow pace. I've just upgraded to Adobe Indesign 1.5 without having found the time to even learn to use version 1.0 with acceptable skill. Not to mention that the latest version of the rules still slumbers on my hard drive... woefully incomplete yet much different from the one published so far. I'll try to improve...

But now for the real reason of writing this... in the past couple of months I have eyed the progress of D&D 3rd Edition, to be released on August, 11th, if I remember correctly. I couldn't help but wonder about the parallels between that new game release and ADOM and its rules.

Just take the following...

Ok, we'll leave it at that. What do I want to say with this? Actually not much... especially not that the WotC folks were inspired by ADOM. Nonetheless I find it amusing that two games I dearly love seem to be converging to become more similar in the future. I sincerely hope that D&D 3rd Edition becomes a huge success and helps to revive the RPG scene (and I was pondering for some time wether it's still worth to continue on ADOM RPG now that D&D 3rd Edition seems to be similar in many respects).

I have decided to continue (and will steal one feature from D&D 3rd Edition that I like a lot: the new advancement mechanism that replaces multi-classing... it seems to fit naturally into ADOM RPG and is a truly great idea).

As for the most pressing question: when will there finally be a new release of ADOM RPG? I no longer dare to make any predictions... let's hope that at some point during this year it will finally make it. There's reason for hope...

December, 24th, 1998

Last week I received some new wonderful art from Janne for the role playing game and I'm really stunned by the beauty of his work. The art will be online soon and this really boosted my will to get some preliminary version up. I'll be working on this over Christmas (together with some JADE stuff). Expect the next update for this section to contain some actual material.

December, 3rd, 1998

ADOM RPG has evolved very slowly over the past couple of months. The links above still contain most of the electronically available stuff. Nonetheless I hopefully will be able to write down a lot of stuff over the next couple of weeks (especially during my Christmas holidays).
A few things have been decided for the game:

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