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The ADOM Diary: 12/22/1999

Dear diary,

ADOM 0.9.9 Gamma 15 has been finished. It contains far less features than I initially wanted, but at least I managed to get in all the important bug fixes and internal revisions for the next major step: monster-item-interaction. Monsters now are able to pick up items but don't yet know how to use them in an intelligent manner. Many internal changes were necessary for this and I hope that these changes didn't break any parts of the game... so far g15 runs very stable for me.

I'm very much looking forward to work on the next version (either g16 or the Big One: 1.0.0 -- I have not yet decided), because the advent of Nethack 3.3.0 resparked my fascination with roguelike games (if the Granddaddy of them all manages to get better and better, why wouldn't ADOM ;-). The next version will contain major sweeping changes -- provided we survive Y2K. Till then...

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