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Bugs fixed so far...

Here you can see all the bugs that have been fixed so far. Please note that some more bugs are reported to me by email and don't get inserted into the bug database (basically because I don't have the time to do that and the reporting person doesn't care about doing it).

You can also see the fixed bugs in ADOM 1.1.2 only.

Bugs fixed so far...
569 bugs so far have been fixed.
1. ID#2316 insane monster generation (5 comments) closed, not a bug
in level 2 of VD... I got NO danger warnings or anything like that..... I opened a door and OMG.... my lvl2 paladin is face to face with a purple J.... need less to say he died instantly (more)
2. ID#2309 Druids are not listed in the manual as having Gardening. closed, fixed
Simple enough, I've played a number of druids of varying races recently, and always started with Gardening. The manual doesn't list Gardening in the Druid skill list, but I consistently start wit... (more)
3. ID#2305 Fish meat crash closed, fixed
This bug can be reproduced by 1. Playing Human Druid 2. Use survival in the wilderness river while bloated. 3. You'll get Fish Meat, but: It weighs 0s Shopkeepers offer 0 gp You never ge... (more)
4. ID#2298 The Cat Lord's eyes closed, fixed
The Mad Minstrel sings that the cat lord's eyes are yellow - but in the monster memory they are green. (detail)
5. ID#2294 Typo in error message closed, fixed
"Out of memory while trying to initializing the logging routines." s/initializing/initialize/ (detail)
6. ID#2285 Mud in the face (1 comment) closed, fixed
I got the following message: There is a stair leading upwards here. This room looks like a spa with a mud bath. You are hit in the face by a glob of hot mud! Suddenly everything disappears! Well,... (more)
7. ID#2263 Female Stone Giant Lord closed, fixed
Shouldn't that be Stone Giant Lady? (detail)
8. ID#2253 Grammatical problem in character gen questions closed, fixed
The following question from character generation: After serving your master for several months you still feel like having learned hardly anything. One day, while sweeping your masters study during... (more)
9. ID#2246 Potion of blindness yields no message when blind (1 comment) closed, fixed
The synopsis says it all. If you drink a potion of blindness while already blind, ADOM will not give a message. (more)
10. ID#2245 Chaotic tendency of "of poisoning" is illogical closed, not reproducible
Weapons with the "of poisoning" adjective draw the wielder towards chaotic (or at least, so it says in the Guidebook, which I am trusting to be correct). The obvious question: why weapons of poisonin... (more)
11. ID#2242 Teleport corruption will not allow teleport control. closed, not reproducible
I have a character which got the teleport corruption. I ate a blink dog, drank from a well and felt very controlled, but even when I drink a potion of insight, I don't have the ability to control tel... (more)
12. ID#2236 Cursed stethoscopes closed, fixed
When trying to use a cursed stethoscope on any living monster, ADOM says that "it appears to be plugged". If you use it on yourself, however, you get the message "thum! thum! thum! You appear to be al... (more)
13. ID#2234 Resource leak: Initialization of KeyMap closed, not reproducible
In function InitializeKeyMap, there is a resource leak. A file handle created thorugh a call to fopen("adom.kbd","rt") does not get closed. (detail)
14. ID#2228 Monster don't attack after teleporting into tension room (1 comment) closed, fixed
I was a lvl 10 gnomish wizard in the early levels of the CoC, above the arena. I had teleportitis. I was reading a spellbook (Frost Bolt), when my teleportitis kicked in, and I found myself in a t... (more)
15. ID#2227 Overburdened! on An ancient oak tree (2 comments) closed, not reproducible
I'm completly stucked on An ancient oak tree in a dark glade. Extream unluckily, Lordly Might spell expired just on here. I have a lot of items, and don't have needed two corruption. Ok, It's not e... (more)
16. ID#2226 Keep Learning Healing? closed, not a bug
After learning healing from Jharod, I asked him to learn it again to see what would happen. He still said the same message about proving myself worthy or whatever. (detail)
17. ID#2225 Lighting Torch in Backpack closed, not reproducible
Just for kicks, I decided to try 'U'sing a torch that was in my pack (i.e., not equipped in the tools slot). I got a message telling me it was already lit. (detail)
18. ID#2224 A few linguistic problems (2 comments) closed, fixed
I'm sure these aren't the only typos/errors in spelling and grammar, but to mention a few: (These were reported and corrected, but had no comments on them, so I think you mayhaps fixed them too soo... (more)
19. ID#2223 Wrong message about falling blocks closed, fixed
I recently tried to open a door and got such a message: The door is locked. You don't have any appropriate key to unlock the door. The stone block hits the spot directly in front of the door. I t... (more)
20. ID#2221 Save a game and you have to quit the game.!!!???? closed, not a bug
I save through S(ave)and it quits the game. Thats what the command does, but it's the only option. When I save I don't usely want to quit the game. Why isn't there an another option? To me this is ... (more)

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