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"Some gems harbour magical powers."
(Fortune Cookie of the Day)

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RFEs closed so far...

Here you can see all the requests for enhancements that have been closed for so far. Please note that some more requests are reported to me by email and don't get inserted into the database (basically because I don't have the time to do that and the reporting person doesn't care about doing it).

You can also see the closed RFEs in ADOM 1.1.2 only.

RFEs closed so far...
287 RFEs so far have been closed.
1. ID#2272 New Class: Chemist closed, will not be fixed
Not Alchemist. Deals with the physical rather than magical. Still use Alchemy. Can make explosive potions, arrows, sling bullets. Can create traps, fireball, acid. I cannot come up with an... (more)
2. ID#2271 New Class: Illusionist/Mimic closed, will not be fixed
Copying the Enemy. This might be to hard to implement to prove useful, but give it a chance. When you kill enemies you can absorb thier mana. The PC can "become" the enemy if enough of the same t... (more)
3. ID#2270 New Class: Magician closed, will not be fixed
Here are some suggestions for a less offensive type magic user. Starts with a cloak of adornment with AP +4 (I thought of suggesting a cloak of invisibility, but too powerful to start). At Level... (more)
4. ID#2268 New Class: Carpenter closed, will not be fixed
I will get right to it. If it seems a little disorganized, it is because I was in a hurry. +'s to spears, axes. Ok archer to begin. Increased range and accuracy for missiles. Boomerangs return ... (more)
5. ID#2267 New Class: Cook closed, will not be fixed
I thought this RFE was already submitted, but I could not find it anywhere, so here it goes. A cook has some obvious advantages in obvious areas. +'s to knife fighting. At level X, can sharpen ... (more)
6. ID#2265 New Race: Giants closed, will not be fixed
A giant would seem like a cheap character, but with the right set of disadvantages, it would be pretty fair. Maybe not well-rounded, but an interesting challenge. Here are a few ideas: Troll-like... (more)
7. ID#2264 New Race: Centaur closed, will not be fixed
A half man/half horse combo. Possibly incorporate a neutral and a chaotic one? Neutral Centaur: Excellent archers. Create a new bow for them maybe an artifact? I will submit another RFE for that... (more)
8. ID#2262 New Race/Class: Undead closed, will not be fixed
An undead character would "liven" the game quite a bit. I have only a few ideas for one. Maybe some others can comment. All undead react neutrally to the undead PC. You can recruit lesser unde... (more)
9. ID#2260 New Race: Ents closed, will not be fixed
Ents are the giant tree-like beings from lore such as "Lord of the Rings". They are essentially the counterpart to Trolls. I believe they would make an interesting twist in the game. Here are some ... (more)
10. ID#2256 RFE Section overload closed, will not be fixed
I am about to send in about 50+ RFE's. I think that due to the extensiveness of just these ones, the RFE section should be organized into groups. They should be items, artifacts, race, etc. It woul... (more)
11. ID#2214 Fortune Cookies closed, fixed
1. 'They say that fury makes you less stubborn.' Eating claw bug corpses raises Dx but lowers Wi. 2. 'They say that feeding rust monsters might come useful.' They become non-hostile. 3. 'Who a... (more)
12. ID#2211 Players should be able to choose initial alignment. closed, will not be fixed
Karkadinn said it first in the comment to Bug #2041, but I figured I would put it in as an official RFE anyway. Alignment is not predetermined in any paper roleplaying game. While to date all other... (more)
13. ID#2203 Wishing for "ego" items (4 comments) closed, will not be fixed
Currently, wishing for items with adjectives (for example, elven chainmail of life, or murderous short swords) doesn't really work. I think it would be nice if it were possible to wish for such thing... (more)
14. ID#2199 New Item, Repeating Hand Crossbow (5 comments) closed, will not be fixed
Repeting hand crossboes are able to shoot in three different modes, set by "U"sing the item: 1) Single shot, as normal 2) Burst, 3-5 quarrels Both actions take the the same amount of time. Relo... (more)
15. ID#2193 Learning Affects Memory (5 comments) closed, will not be fixed
Perhaps it would make things more interesting to have your learning score affect your memory. The big identification list (/) may lose entries not because of Scrolls of amnesia, but because you hav... (more)
16. ID#2177 Possiblity to enter known trap closed, not a bug
This may sound stupid, but sometime it's valuable fot character to enter known trap. Examples : Teleportation trap - to escape, or (maybe) go to another side of the river. You're a low level Min... (more)
17. ID#2173 artifact arrows closed, will not be fixed
What would you say about this kind of artifact arrow bag of (I don't know name) You can put there ie. 10 arrows and bag turns them 10 unbreakable arrows (about +4 1d6+6) arrows must put back to... (more)
18. ID#2162 The Story dosent go along with what happens in the game with closed, not a bug
The Story dosent go along with what happens in the game with drakelings.Accordingto the story line this race orginated from the element fire.Although heat quickens their reflexes they seem to have maj... (more)
19. ID#2159 Confusion and 'l'ook command (3 comments) closed, fixed
When 'l'ooking at a monster, confusion status should be mentioned ("%s seems to be confused"). Mindcrafters in tension rooms, vaults and near summoners are tedious to play since you don't know if the ... (more)
20. ID#2152 The part-souece of the game closed, will not be fixed
I understand the reasons why you didn't release the whole source of the gmae... but this would be probably best for all: you release some basics of the source: RDG (random dungeon generator) messag... (more)

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