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"Dragons want items made from their hide back."
(Fortune Cookie of the Day)

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The Future

Sheep... ADOM is undergoing active development and I'm planning some great stuff (or so I hope ;-) for the future. ADOM 1.0.0 is out and there are some murky plans for the future... but things will happen as they happen, so let yourself be suprised. Never again will there be an ovrly ambitious release schedule that leads to a delay of more than 18 months. The following parts will be worked on in the future (among thousands):
  • Monster inventories will be completed during the 1.x.y release series.
  • A rewritten manual for more clarity, better cross-references and an easier way to get into the game.
  • More quests, monsters, items, spells and secrets.
And then? Maybe a larger wilderness, definitely a couple of new races for the player (hill dwarves, ratlings, mist elves), item descriptions and a lot more. Stay tuned!

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