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"They say that smashing statues might yield magical wands."
(Fortune Cookie of the Day)

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The Gallery

There is a surprising number of extremely talented artists among the ADOM community and some of them actually use their talents to create unique and stunning pictures of the world of Ancardia, in a variety of styles.

This forum intends to collect those pictures and present them to everyone. The variety of styles is truly astonishing and I am very flattered that others are so impressed by the game, that they create such stunning and original works. If you feel like contributing something, let me know about it. I realy love these pieces and there's always room in this gallery for more great stuff!

Enjoy yourself and if you like the various pieces of art, let the artists know about your feelings (or even better: hire them ;-).

Note that you can click on each image to see it in its full glory!

ASCII Art in 3D - Part I

These wonderful graphics were rendered by Simon de Vet. I'm absolutely thrilled by this highly original idea and love the execution. Now I just wish some talented programmers out there (or a professional company) would start to write a 3D-roguelike with these letter graphics. That would be an original game!

Here we have the noble keeper of the Drakalor Chain Board of Tourism, the most beloved place of every adventurer trying to find fame and fortune in the Drakalor Chain. The picture is the most detailed picture devised by Simon so far... it's incredible. Sadly I changed the tool symbol in ADOM 0.9.9 Gamma 12 from & to ]. I feel very tempted to change this back again because I really love this picture.
This picture has a valiant adventurer fighting a mighty red dragon. Note the wonderful walls, the great light effects and the herb bushed and scattered heaps of gold. I wonder how the adventurer looks like in about five seconds...
Here we have a female trollish weaponsmith working in her smithy. While the T is not quite the correct symbol (it would have to be a @ in ADOM-speak), it's a wonderful picture nonetheless. All the details are amazing.
This valiant adventurer has stumbled upon a jelly pit. Note the wonderful transluscence effects. Can you feel the acid dripping on the floor of that dungeon?
Here we see a nice map of the Drakalor Chain (please ignore the typo on that wonderful graphic). Some friendly soul seems to have put it up on a certain mountain pass so well-known to ADOM fans.
This wonderful picture shows the Mad Minstrel in front of his hut. I'm going to use this picture at smaller size for the entrance point of the ADOM webring once I'm linked up. I love all the hidden details... have fun searching!

ASCII Art in 3D - Part II

Ole Martin Skaraas took up Simons idea and created this interesting piece of art. As far as I am concerned he should do a lot more of this stuff! :-)

This titan seems to be waiting, somewhere deep in the dungeons of the Drakalor Chain, for the next unwary adventurer passing by in search of fame and fortune.

ASCII Art in 3D - Part III

Lawrence Brothers - also inspired by some of the other pieces of art in this gallery - devised this fantastic picture.

Here we have an unlucky adventurer who encounters some unwelcome pool inhabitants... he probably would have wished for something else, given a choice...

Character Studies

These wonderful pictures were created by Janne Pulkkinen, a truly magnificient artist. The pictures will be used in the upcoming ADOM RPG. Janne probably will be happy about any job proposals based on these wonderful pictures (don't forget to mention where you got aware of this talent - maybe I can get some more pictures ;-).

Janne sadly asked me to remove the first three pictures. I liked them a lot but will respect that decision. If you miss the pictures as much as I do send emails to the address above asking to get the pictures back ;-) !

Here we have a naked orc berserker... he just seems to be out to bash people. Know your enemies!
This warrior seems to have had a good share of action. Battered he might be, but he nonetheless seems to be ready to overcome more obstacles!
This nasty wizard is my favourite among these three. Nasty he looks and his magics reek of the evil that surrounds him. Could that be the famous Nonnak?

ADOM as a comic

This interesting variation of ADOM art was done by Paul Zirkle. ADOM always had comical value and these pictures prove, that players share this opinion...

How's that for a logo?
This assassin seems to be waiting for someone... guess for whom?
This guy - although heavly packed and armed with a nice dagger - seems to be afraid of something... what could that be?
Here we have a valiant adventurer fighting a dragon... he seems to be faring pretty well.
Nasty surprise for an adventurer... a strange kind of floating eye seems to be waiting for prey!
Here we have a female adventurer... ready to do business!
View this nasty troll... must be a mountain troll... at least he's got muscles like mountains!
Here we have the archetypical wizard.

American Gods Thomas Biskup recommends: American Gods
"I really have been enjoying Neil Gaiman lately. The man is a great storyteller, sports incredible mythological knowledge and really knows how to turn wheels within wheels. I really loved the story plot of this book: Where do all the gods (and other mythological beings) go, when their believers get fewer and fewer? A situation particularly problematic in the United States, where emigrants where concerned with the new world, new beliefs and new freedoms. An ex-convict gets hired by a (more or less) mysterious Mr. Wednesday and starts a weird trip through the US... wacky staff but very good reading. And it nicely shows how to build metaplots and loosen a story up with interesting side characters."

More details about this item can be found here: United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany.

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