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Licensing ADOM...

ADOM has been very successful in the past two years and I strongly believe that ADOM - pepped up with some additional stuff - could be a very successful commercial game. ADOM has been voted the best free downloadable Internet game of 1997 and thousands of fans download each new version (and that's only the number of folks I can count)... all that for a game with simple ASCII graphics.

Now imagine a company with professional artists spicing up ADOM... I'm very sure that ADOM easily could beat the success of Diablo, since its gameplay is a lot better than that little game. ADOM has to offer so much depth and detail that folks all over the world would love it, if it could overcome it's one major disadvantage: the lack of good graphics - a required feature for commercially successful games these days.

If you belong to a game company and share these ideas, propose it to your managers and contact me. I'd be very willing to discuss licensing conditions with a professional game company with some credentials under its belt. ADOM has all the potential and enjoys years of detailed development providing so far unequaled depth. If you can provide the artists and designers to create a great look, we probably have the hot-seller of the next summer lying before us.

Contact is welcome!

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"I really have been enjoying Neil Gaiman lately. The man is a great storyteller, sports incredible mythological knowledge and really knows how to turn wheels within wheels. I really loved the story plot of this book: Where do all the gods (and other mythological beings) go, when their believers get fewer and fewer? A situation particularly problematic in the United States, where emigrants where concerned with the new world, new beliefs and new freedoms. An ex-convict gets hired by a (more or less) mysterious Mr. Wednesday and starts a weird trip through the US... wacky staff but very good reading. And it nicely shows how to build metaplots and loosen a story up with interesting side characters."

More details about this item can be found here: United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany.

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