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The following list of links hopefully will be a useful help for ADOM players. Thanks to Richard Fowler for collecting a substantial amount of them (I stole quite a number of them from his mini FAQ) and thanks to everyone who created these wonderful sites and invested so much time in my small game. Here we go...

Also listed here are the important newsgroups concerning ADOM.

Seeking for answers? Out of ideas? Look at this wonderful and most comprehensive FAQ which either will directly answer all your questions or will direct you towards another source of support. Compiled and maintained by Léon Planken, the fifth ADOM FAQ Maintainer after Malte Helmert (who updated it to include a lot of useful information about the 1.x.x versions and fixed many mistakes), Steve Zhang, Richard Fowler (creator of a long series of extensive and lovingly detailed FAQ versions) and based on some early work by Erwin Mascardo (the first FAQ keeper), this document contains a wealth of information. It's hosted by Andy Williams.
The FAQ -
Trying to understand what's going on in This FAQ has all the answers to questions regarding the newsgroup. Initially created by Richard Fowler, afterwards maintained by Steve Zhang, Karkadinn and Malte Helmert and now kept up to date by Léon Planken, should be considered a must-read for every newbie to the newsgroup. It's hosted by Andy Williams.
ADOM Announcements -
Wanna know the latest stuff about roguelike games in general and ADOM in specific? This newsgroup does not have much traffic, but each and every posting (well, almost) opens a road to new adventurers and excitement.
ADOM Discussion -
Looking for other ADOM fans? Searching for hints? Lusting for stories? This newsgroup has it all and much more. The official ADOM newsgroup enjoys steady traffic by some of the most wonderful folks you can meet on Internet. Discussions most of the time are handled on a very friendly, funny and enjoyable level. You will be able to meet newbies, experienced players and some true dinosaurs all at the same time. And the designer of ADOM (yes, that's me) also lurks on that group, ready to jump into any discussion that captures his attention.
Andy Williams is the maintainer of the ADOM guidebook - the definite ressource to ADOM. You want to know something about the game or just don't manage to tackle a certain problem? Look here - it probably has the answers! Great stuff!
Raymond Martineau is the maintainer of the official ADOM spoiler FAQ, which can be found in it's most current incarnation at the adress above. if you are experiencing problems with some of the riddles in ADOM, you definitely want to check it out!
Richard Fowler for a long time hosted the Drakalor Chain Board of Tourism (DCBoT) with lots of spoilers and other stuff. Real life has kept Richard away from ADOM for quite some time but his site still is very interesting. Also the home of the ADOMring, a web ring for sites about ADOM ( One of Richard's larger features is a "hint-through", which serves as a walkthrough of the whole game if you choose to activate all of the "spoiler traps". (You need to have JavaScript enabled in your web browser to appreciate it fully.) The hint-through has been updated to 0.9.9.

Recently Richard let me know that his private wife (a lovely woman and such ;-) will demand more of his spare time in the future. I wish him all the best... and you should note that his site still is a lot of fun!
Blade's Armoury Blade offers ADOM spoilers among several other games he enjoys.

If you feel that some important or fun site is missing, please let me know about it. I'll try to get this page updated as soon as possible. If a link does not seem to work, make sure that you try again in a day or three to make sure that it's not a temporary problem. If the link still doesn't work, please let me know about it.

XBox Console Thomas Biskup recommends: XBox Console
"Yes, I confess it - Microsoft has brought me back into console gaming. And there's a simple reason for it: I don't like hardware, I don't like fiddling with systems and I like to take it easy. The XBox system IMHO is as easy to use as its get. You have a built-in hard disc and never have to think about extensions to be able to save games (memory sticks, yikes :-P ), the games are great, the graphics are great and the price is ok. I have spent many hours playing Star Wars Battlefront and Fable and intend to continue doing this. So for me this is a safe bet and I surly will by the XBox 360 as soon as it is available. Of you want a simple console system with great games you can't go wrong here."

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