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ADOM in the media...

ADOM has been covered in a surprising number of magazines and articles posted to websites... probably a lot more than I know of (see the revised media license of ADOM for the current details on how to handle this). I do not really care whether you are going to write something good or something bad about the game (although I prefer the former ;-), but I'd just like to know that you are writing something about ADOM at all. I'll be getting copies of your article (or will have them sent to me - see the license) to be able to show that stuff to my kids in the years to come (once I have some). Thanks for listening.

If you know of any other magazines/websites covering ADOM, please let me know about it. If you were able to provide me with a complimentary copy of print publications I'd bery eternally grateful :-)

So far I'm aware of the following products covering ADOM:

Games Domain Review
It's a bit old but it's well-written and a good review ;-) Thanks for the kind words to Daniel Gemmer for the review. Review
Vault Network had an article about roguelike games and an interview with me.
Vault Network Interview
Vault Network has lots of news about the current computer rpg scene. Very interesting to read if you are interested in that topic. They also post regular news regarding ADOM (thanks folks, it feels nice to run the headlines along with the big players ;-). Some time ago they asked me to do an interview and you can read about it here.
Die Pöppel-Revue Nr. 6/97
Pöppel-Revue @-Warrior This nice german boardgame magazine (buy it!) has a very nice article concerning ADOM. Very funny to read and the author seems to enjoy ADOM. The only sad thing about the whole story is that they never told me about that article. Hadn't it been for a lucky coincidence I never would have seen it. The article is located on pages 58-60.
Gambler Magazine 8/98
Gambler This polish magazine has a very nice article about roguelike games in general, where all major games are covered. It also sports a CD with all the games (and more fun stuff) on it. Great magazine and they sent me three complimentary issues, so that I'm very happy. Now I just wish I could understand the polish language... if someone has a translation of that article available, let me know. I'm getting quite a lot of polish postcards these days, BTW. Thank you!
PC Chip 17/98
PC Chip This croatian magazine covers ADOM 0.9.9 Gamma (pages 93-94). I already got a translation of the article and would like to thank the publisher for the two complimentary copies.

Fable Thomas Biskup recommends: Fable
"I love Fable for its details. The graphics are wonderful, the difficulty level is exactly right for me and you can almost feel how Fable II, III and IV will look. Hey, Fable IV might rival JADE in its level of detail ;-) We'll see who's finished first ;-) But seriously: Fable IMHO is one of the most wonderful and intriguing role playing games of the past years and it got me back into computer gaming. I love the quests, I love the detail and I love how all your actions change your character. Although there is so much that could be added to the game, it already now is a wonderful engine and I'm very much looking forward to future versions. Absolutely recommended!"

More details about this item can be found here: United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany.

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