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"They say that smashing statues might yield magical wands."
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Open Bugs

Here you can see all the bugs that still are open and need to be fixed at some point. Please note that some more bugs are reported to me by email and don't get inserted into the bug database (basically because I don't have the time to do that and the reporting person doesn't care about doing it).

Open bugs
2336 bugs have not yet been tackled.
1. ID#4996 Can't restore games any more... "couldn't scan" (26963 comments) in progress
I haven't played ADoM in a couple of weeks, so I don't know what I changed on my computer to cause this strange thing. I opened up the game and selected the "restore a saved game" option from the lit... (more)
2. ID#4995 Monsters become too difficult (682 comments) in progress
when you are killing a lot of the same monsters, they get much harder and the experience decreases. The decrease in experience is a good idea, but the increase in difficulty doesn't make any sense, t... (more)
3. ID#4994 Strange wish effects (6294 comments) in progress
I am not giving my real name 'cause I'm ashamed of savescumming. Anyhow, I got a ring of djinni summoning and played with it for a while, and noticed several bugs in the wish system. First, if you... (more)
4. ID#4993 Illogical messages (1151 comments) in progress
I was in melee combat with a red dragon, wielding two weapons. One was a frozen dagger. I received the following messages after one turn when I attacked: "You hit the red dragon and moderately w... (more)
5. ID#4992 Mud Rooms Do Not Activate When Entered By Stairs (1581 comments) in progress
After retrieving Kenny, I entered the upstairs room on PC:2. I was confused to be hit by a glob of mud, going blind as usual. I had been in this room before, but had entered only via the staircase; ... (more)
6. ID#4991 Fire Lizard Corpses are Susceptible to Fire Damage (1500 comments) in progress
I think this message from the logs says it all. You pick up the fire lizard corpse. You hit the fire lizard and moderately wound it. The fire lizard breathes fire at you! You are burned! Your fire... (more)
7. ID#4990 Stunned monsters attacking self and looking more powerful (639 comments) in progress
I was playing a lvl. 26 or so elementalist and came upon the same problem twice. I attacked a lich in the dwarven graveyard and it became stunned through the force of my attack. It then proceeded to... (more)
8. ID#4987 Dissapearing altars (547 comments) in progress
I have noticed that when teleporting with teleportation control or with the look command, if the cursor moves over an altar that altar dissapears from view (although it is still there) until it is red... (more)
9. ID#4986 Illegal skill advancement (2/0) (645 comments) in progress
Basic ADOM Bug Report Data -------------------------- Version: Version 1.1.1 (DOS, Windows xyz, OS/2) Error: Illegal skill advancement (2/0). Partial Game State Dump -----------------------... (more)
10. ID#4985 Slave with minus HP still alive (4745 comments) in progress
When raising all corpses in sight as ghuls with the necronmancer class skill, the ghuls slowly decompose until they crumble to dust. If I leave the ghul before it turns to dust so I can not see it, t... (more)
11. ID#4984 "on the average" - grammatical error (497 comments) in progress
Viewing the monster memory tells you what things are "on the average". It's better English to just say "on average". I'm surprised this hasn't been reported before, but I couldn't find it in the d... (more)
12. ID#4983 Fatal Error: Illegal Skill Advancement (1245 comments) in progress
I started a new game, born in the month of Raven. I chose a Gray Elf wizard, and had his stats chosen randomly. I had 3 skills to choose. I chose Learned, Skilled, and Healthy, in that order. The ... (more)
13. ID#4979 Level 1 Talents Displayed After Game Starts (489 comments) in progress
Start any character. After begining (when the character is in the wilderness), display available talents. (:T on my computer) Talents that can only be chosen at startup (such as skilled, wealthy, or... (more)
14. ID#4976 game crashes when chosing talent "skilled" (1052 comments) in progress
When creating a character, if a chose skilled as a talent the game will crash. the talent seems useful and i am annoyed with this bug. (more)
15. ID#4975 Maybe a new race (926 comments) in progress
I think i have a new idea for a race you could work off of but might be a bit too mythical or something like that. I dont know... YETI--Yetis are creatures that were once thought as a myth. Living ... (more)
16. ID#4973 Monsters attacking themselves... (499 comments) in progress
Yeah... I thought it had already been fixed. Monsters, when going berserk, attack themselves sometimes. Then, if they kill themselves, I get a bizarre message saying that they seem to be more powerful... (more)
17. ID#4970 Game frezzes when running on windows XP. (589 comments) in progress
The game frezzes after about 10 mintunes of play. I a running a clean install of Xp without the updates. I diable my screen saver and turned the power saver off. I tried ending all back ground process... (more)
18. ID#4965 Continuous search + webs = 50 turns of "you can't search" (486 comments) in progress
Most things that you try will fail after one turn if you are stuck in webs, such as eating, reading, etc. However, if you hit "ws" for continuous search (such as looking for a door), you will searc... (more)
19. ID#4964 Crashed while fighting Battle Bunnies (5031 comments) in progress
I was playing through the CoC with my level 25 drakish paladin, when I got to the Battle Bunny level. I dug to the south, so I could kill Bugs before things got out of control. I went back down the pa... (more)
20. ID#4960 circular kick bug (1076 comments) in progress
When you use the special power "circular kick" against ennemies and that one of the enemy you could hit is a companion(we'll call him X), he asks you: "do you really want to attack X?". If you answer ... (more)

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