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Open Bugs

Here you can see all the bugs that still are open and need to be fixed at some point. Please note that some more bugs are reported to me by email and don't get inserted into the bug database (basically because I don't have the time to do that and the reporting person doesn't care about doing it).

Open bugs
2336 bugs have not yet been tackled.
21. ID#4954 Game crashes while creating character (57 comments) in progress
For a while now, whenever I create a character, regardless of race, gender, or questions answered, I get to the point where it asks me what skill to choose. I scroll all the way to the bottom and see... (more)
22. ID#4952 Crash after selecting inital talents (38 comments) in progress
1.I just started to make a character (grey elven wizard) and answered the questions. Then when i had a chance to pick two talents, which were skilled and very skilled (it crashes after selecting very ... (more)
23. ID#4950 crash while walking on items (654 comments) in progress
while walking around merchant shop in bandit camp ran onto items and game crashed producing the following report Exiting due to signal SIGILL Invalid Opcode at eip=001faab4 eax=00000000 ebx=00000... (more)
24. ID#4948 Outlaw Leader Killed himself (596 comments) in progress
This isn't a serious bug, but it is humorous none-the-less. In the Outlaw Settlement "Lawenilothehl", I got assaulted and an odd even happened... There was an Outlaw Leader and a Begger, both at... (more)
25. ID#4946 crashed when :d $ on altar - WINbeta4 (13 comments) in progress
My level 14 Archer dropped all un-IDed things on a co-aligned (neutral) altar in the village dungeon. That included an un-IDed si. Windows closed ADOM. The game was not saved. I'm running W... (more)
26. ID#4944 Beginning Talent "Skilled" Crash! (6 comments) in progress
Whenever I'm making a new character, I try and select the Skilled talent, but when I do, the game crashes and generates an .err file. I don't know why but it irritates me. I'll walk through how it hap... (more)
27. ID#4942 Renaming karmic lizards (1038 comments) in progress
I was just trying how far in ID I can get at the beginning of the game with random characters. My latest PC is gray elven priest. I encountered a room full of karmic lizards at level 11, and after ... (more)
28. ID#4936 Stealing for the shops (22 comments) in progress
If you have a digging wand and you make a hole in the corner of the shop. Then you bring items on the corner. Then go outside of the shop using the hole. Then kick items and them slide out of the shop... (more)
29. ID#4935 Eating Doppelgangers (571 comments) in progress
I think that eating doppelganger corpses should be allowed in some special cases: For blind characters, since they don't see they actually eat "themselves". For characters with very low Perception... (more)
30. ID#4934 illogical cat lord quest (219 comments) in progress
see.. why does the cat lord hates you if you kill a cat when you kill it in own defense? the cat attacked first, the you had no other choice but to kill it.. i think that it should anger if you attack... (more)
31. ID#4933 Drakling Spit bug (1218 comments) in progress
Whenever I use the spit ability with draklings, I seem to do damage whether or not I hit the creature. In fact, not hitting the creature seems to help a lot as the shot keeps going on, and it has beco... (more)
32. ID#4932 Twohanded weapon/Staves problem (37 comments) in progress
Tried to advance weapon levels in 2 handed, but keep advancing in Staves innstead. is this a bug or just something in the game? cheers WL (more)
33. ID#4929 When you chosed skilled as a talent it crashes (16 comments) in progress
When you chose a talent and you chose 'skilled' the screen either disappears or screwes up. It comes up with 'fatal error: illegal skill advancement <2/0>' even though you can choose skilled as a tale... (more)
34. ID#4928 "Skilled" level 1 crash (27 comments) in progress
When starting the game with ANY combo of race/class/gender, when selecting the talent of "Skilled" the game crashes without any system message. Is this a bug or just my bad luck? (more)
35. ID#4927 Sensing tension after room is cleared (35 comments) in progress
It seems that if you are not the physical cause of a door opening for the tension room, the "feeling of tension" does not go away. All you have to do is have a means of angering the monsters inside t... (more)
36. ID#4925 commanding pets to slay children has no effect on alignment (7315 comments) in progress
There's no visible alignment effect when killing townspeople (or other non-hostile "monsters") via pets. This, coupled with what appears to be related to Bug # 2550, makes it possible to wipe out t... (more)
37. ID#4922 Crash when using keywords with Thrundar (24 comments) in progress
In the Dwarven City, after completing Thrundars quests, then typing keywords that he usually responds to with an explanation (such as tower, gate, graveyard ect) the game immediately crashes with an e... (more)
38. ID#4921 Chaotic corpses dissappearing upon enering Terinyo. (17 comments) in progress
I've been noticeing that various chaotic corpses sometimes tend to simply dissappear from my inverntory when I enter Terinyo. Werewolves, raiders and outlaws have done this without the game informing ... (more)
39. ID#4920 Wilderness ambush - enemy number issue. (557 comments) in progress
I came over 'a lone hydra', and the game asked me would I like to '[e]vade, [f]ight or [a]mbush them?' - Them. Don't recall this happening on any other lone enemies, but probably the same there too. ... (more)
40. ID#4919 Game crashes when waiting. (579 comments) in progress
1. I doubt this bug is reproducable. I just pressed '5' on my number keypad to wait for a monster (a kobold I think) to move next to me. 2. I was playing a level 1 troll farmer in the small cave n... (more)

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