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"Some gems harbour magical powers."
(Fortune Cookie of the Day)

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Open RFEs

Here you can see all the requests for enhancement that still are open and need to be considered at some point. Please note that some more are reported to me by email and don't get inserted into the database (basically because I don't have the time to do that and the reporting person doesn't care about doing it).

Open RFEs
1654 RFEs have not yet been tackled.
21. ID#4956 Accidental hitting of familiar with autotargetting ranged w. (630 comments) in progress
When you have a familiar, it's far too easy as an archer to keep hitting 't' when under attack. If a monster appears behind your familiar, the familiar takes the hit, and gets understandably annoyed. ... (more)
22. ID#4955 Rusty Things in color brown (45 comments) in progress
Well? Does TB and people like the idea? (more)
23. ID#4953 Specified antitodes for poison (438 comments) in progress
there could be herbs that cure cetaint poison IE (new) herb snake bane would work as cure poison but snake bites only for some more powerful poison there woulnd be universal cure but something tha... (more)
24. ID#4951 Training Music should require training material (38 comments) in progress
This would, in my opinion, be logical. Though music can be trained also by singing. But since PCs can’t sing in ADoM, this would be a legitimate change. In real life, one can train music without actu... (more)
25. ID#4949 New Item: Chicken Amulet (36 comments) in progress
"A handy little toy for any adventurer, the Chicken amulet teleports you to the nearest set of stairs when your health drops below 1/4. This will give you time to recuperate untill you can go back and... (more)
26. ID#4947 make .svg location configurable (17 comments) in progress
Since I got my handy little USB flash drive, I take it with me wherever I go. This means that I can easily carry my favourite characters around, and play them on any computer I have access to. Howe... (more)
27. ID#4945 A New Plant: Wolf’s-bane (77 comments) in progress
This is a different species from Aconitum napellus or Monk’s-hood. Latin name of Wolf’s-bane is Aconitum vulparia (lycoctonum). It grows naturally in damp woods in the Alps, where it is a threatened s... (more)
28. ID#4943 Ballistas and Catapults (55 comments) in progress
There should ballistas and catapults (and other like these) in ADOM. they could be very heavy missile weapons (for example capapult would weight 15000 stones and it would use huge stones). The use of... (more)
29. ID#4941 Large kobold symbols (54 comments) in progress
I was reviewing the monster symbols and I noticed that kobolds and large kobolds use the same symbol (light green 'k') although there is plenty of unused colors for this letter. Moreover, I think that... (more)
30. ID#4940 Torch of darkness (49 comments) in progress
Just a fun idea - variant of everburning torch that would function as a source of DARKNESS instead of light. When wielded as a weapon, it would deal cold damage. (more)
31. ID#4939 Artifact: Mana Battery (not the corruption) (609 comments) in progress
Before identifying: A dull gem... After identifying: *foo*'s Uncharged Mana Battery (don't know who's name to use, suggestion plz) OR Before identifying: A glowing gem... After identifying... (more)
32. ID#4938 Improved companionship (39 comments) in progress
I've been playing one of the older versions of ADOM for a while, so I'm not sure if you've already implemented this. I enjoy charming/summoning companions to help me fight stuff, but I get disappoi... (more)
33. ID#4937 "Find weakness" skill (86 comments) in progress
This skill allows to score more critical hits. OK, but I find it is not logical, and few interesting. Rather, it could give a chance to ignore the opponent's PV when attacking, isn't it? "You punch th... (more)
34. ID#4931 A New Item Type: Pipes (3806 comments) in progress
Everyone who has read the holy books of fantasy literature, that is to say, the works of Mr. Tolkien, knows of the smoking habits of hobbits, and how greatly they take pleasure in the use of the stimu... (more)
35. ID#4930 restaraunt (74 comments) in progress
How about a restaraunt where you can choose dishes of various levels of satiation, simular to the effects of, but less than, wishing for "food". (more)
36. ID#4926 New Class - Mutant Monk (39 comments) in progress
Mutant Monk - Standing about as tall as a Troll, these monks have been mutated in ways that they cannot comphrehend. Some are very intelligent, some are heavy hitters, but they have a very tight conne... (more)
37. ID#4924 lingering elemental effects (fire, etc) (566 comments) in progress
What if some elemental energies didn't dissipate, but stayed around as hazards - like disconnected tiles from the TOEF. For instance, killing a vortex. What if instead of dissipating, their energi... (more)
38. ID#4923 New Race - Fire Drakeling (67 comments) in progress
OK...just a thought of a new race The Fire Drakeling. Fire Drakeling: Walks like a Drakeling, Looks like a Drakeling but it's not. Fire Drakelings are a newly discovered offshoot of the Drakelings... (more)
39. ID#4917 Learning the 'Cooking' skill (115 comments) in progress
Hello, That's my first letter to submit anything ADOM-related, so please excuse me for any inconvenience... My idea is, shouldn't it be possible to learn the 'Cooking' skill somehow? The best way to... (more)
40. ID#4915 Adding to Gremlins (583 comments) in progress
I came across a Gremlin by a river the other day. I thought, "This could be fun.". It seemed that the Gremlin couldn't or wouldn't go in the water. I'd like to suggest that they would as easily m... (more)

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