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The Postcard Quest

Postcards ADOM is available for free. Nonetheless I ask for one thing. If you are enjoying ADOM and are gaining hours of fun out of playing it, please "pay" me by sending a postcard from whereever you live to the following address:

Thomas Biskup
Zu den Tannen 5
58456 Witten

I have spent many hours (literally thousands by now) to work on ADOM and never have requested anything from it. Since I collect postcards this is a very neat way of saying "Thank you!" that I'd appreciate very much. It's a lot of fun to come home after a long day of work and to see another three of four postcards from far-away countries :-)

In the next weeks I'm going to post some statistics about the postcards I got so far (and some scans of the most beautiful ones). So far it seems that the finnish people are by far the most enthusiastic postcard writers (thanks, folks!) with the polish people recently winning a lot of ground. Some of the most original postcards I got from the USA and New Zealand. Areas noticably lacking so far are South America (at most two postcards) and the Near East and Far East. Australia also is a bit thin. EMails from Russia have increased recently, but postcards are sparse from there two. Africa also is a bit quiet. A postcard from Antarctica would be the greatest thing :-) Statistics to follow soon...

By the way: some Millennium postcards from exotic countries are very welcome (*wink*)!

Java Swing, 2nd Edition Thomas Biskup recommends: Java Swing, 2nd Edition
"I heartily recommend this book to everyone who wants to build GUIs with Java and is trying to learn Swing. There are tons of great examples, everything is explained, but in nicely consumable bits and pieces and you really can get all the details - if you want. I learned Swing with the 1st edition of this book (and still use it as a reference for difficult programming questions concerning the JADE GUI), but the 2nd edition is even better from what looks in the store tell me. Maybe I'll buy it again. Note that this covers Swing up to JDK 1.4 (which is more than enough for a long time - the most recent new items do not require as much additional explaining, if you understand the basics)."

More details about this item can be found here: United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany.

In Association with Amazon Please support this website by going to Amazon through one of the links on this website (if you want to shop at Amazon at all that is ;-). It doesn't cost you any surcharge, but provides me with ADOM-related income. Thanks!

A complete list of my reading recommendations is available here.

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