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Bug #4957
Bug synopsis: Bad RFE's filtered by reliable people.
Reported against: ADOM 1.0.0
Operating system: Windows XP
Submitted on: 2004-02-03, 04:17:37
Submitted by: Philip K (aka dodrudon)
Bug state: in progress
Bug description: Browsing through the open RFE's, I already notice many, many duplicates. Some, such as houses, shops, & online, I know TB would immediately close with a "will not fix" label, because it is a duplicate. To save him (you?) time, why not have reliable persons that have worked with you filter these obvious duplicates out, and pass on only the new ones so you can review them? I know any serious fan would know which ones to pass on and which ones to close. I'd volunteer, but this is my first public appearance in the ADOM world, and no one knows me or trusts me. Yet.
Bug evaluation: No evaluation so far.
Comments (1097): Wow, a quintuple submission! You certainly made your point. :o) Thomas should just announce on the website that if all duplicates aren't hunted and slaughtered before Christmas, there will be no presents or ADoM. :))

-- Matti Merikari (2004-12-10, 13:28:38)
Maybe put a sign at the top of the page in large, very large, bold letters asking peole to please, please, please use the rather handy search function before posting just incase the subject they are about to write about has been posted before. Having a function to display the RFEs in order of most recently updated may be useful (though possibly not do-able)

-- Sir Gav (2005-03-03, 03:34:31)

-- Note from Thomas Biskup: One or more comments for this report have been banned because they contain HTML code and this website recently has been spammed by idiots trying to swamp the website with advertisements.


-- Derek Jolowisz (2005-09-30, 16:33:07)
nOIXumypmNNaw lprEgc783DncU D3jQuPZwgu

-- 8MnIYtYzPU (2006-01-20, 23:14:21)
lGUncBSIs3qJMT BYbJh9s3J7jK1 UR9m911TLTBw

-- eG2jjmifA1 (2006-02-17, 14:35:48)
itetGl2e1A buzH0rgkQJN 8BGHabBGLDrd

-- 6TXCTs8ium (2006-03-04, 15:50:40)
cafi dxawvebc eyjwt jpyb kwcbo wbuqk lisao

-- (2007-01-24, 07:58:30)
hello !

-- 123456 (2007-06-01, 17:11:34)
hello !

-- Unknown (2007-06-01, 20:20:56)
zkhorcp zthjv afleidoxv hnzr coygnut qfkugrzj pzfsxwq

-- (2007-08-13, 18:38:11)
erbqks zrfcegt rpxosntje xomb bxpj oatmbrnjx ijasbfxq

-- (2008-04-29, 03:56:28)

-- 1 (2012-08-27, 11:43:14)
Tip top stuff. I\'ll execpt more now.

-- 2002 (2013-05-02, 18:16:53)
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