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Bug #4961
Bug synopsis: Making merchants more useful
Reported against: ADOM 1.1.1
Operating system: Windows XP
Submitted on: 2004-01-25, 07:29:30
Submitted by: Adam Ruggieri
Bug state: in progress
Bug description: I had always hoped that being a merchant would grant certian benifits other then the specialization they get in identifying a certian type of item. I belive that a Merchant should be able to sell any item to shopkeepers, not just what the shopkeeper wants to buy - after all, you ARE a merchant too. Having high haggling skill may lend to this ability, and even persuade a shopkeeper to deal in a different item??? Perhaps having high Cha and App. will lend to this role. This would make the game much more interesting as merchants, if you can change the wares of a shope arround, though even after a sucsess they would have to "sell" all their exsisting inventory - a.k.a. either you'd have to buy it all.. or pick it all up and pile it in one place; basically helping the shopkeeper out by cleaning up his shop some so that he has new spaces for his new wares. Appearance, Charisma, Haggling... let's make 'em have more fucntions! You could get a message like: "What would ye rather I be dealing in then, eh?" Books, Wands, Potions, scrolls, rings, general goods [BWPSRG]?_
If it fails, you could receive, "Ack, I'll not be dealinng in such rubbish in my shop!" If you suceed. "Aye, that does make sense; I'll see what can be done." Then a certian amount of time has to pass and his shop as to at least appear empty (Just like shopkeepers do anyway to restock exsisting goods) before new items appear in the shop. ^.^
Bug evaluation: No evaluation so far.
Comments (535): Nice idea of sellinf anything to shopkeepers, but changing their type of shops is no-no

-- zweistein (2004-12-08, 17:24:40)
I've been thinking something similar for Merchants, too.

What if the shopkeepers got orders from other customers. But he/she can't close the shop and leave. "Gotta strike while the iron is hot.", the shopkeeper says.
So, the shopkeeper decides to send you, being a merchant, to find the item(s).
Of course, you could always buy the item(s) from another shop, but that's not good business - very low profit, possibly no profit at all.
When you bring the item(s) to the shopkeeper, he gives you a share (percentage) of the profit. The amount of the percentage you get depends on your alignment relative to the alignment of the shopkeeper and on the frequency of every single item.

It would make sense if there actually were other customers shopping.
"Damn, there goes the artifact!"
Also, if you are a merchant, you should be able to trade with any NPC, not only with the traders and shopkeepers.
"Sad, he refused to sell the artifact." _You hit the goblin. The goblin is killed_ >:-)

-- Matti Merikari (2004-12-12, 15:46:17)
Matti, your idea is quite good, however you must also take into account the varying prices the shopkeepers charge is not relative to allignment, but to race. Generally, you would wish to be paid more for bringing in an uncommon or rare item, although the race of the shopkeeper in relation to your own would further increase/decrease the amount in which you are paid. The Haggle skill may also be introduced to this aspect; higher Haggling would enure a higher selling price.

Also, I don't think this idea should be restricted solely to merchants. This concept would be more of a 'side quest' within the game itself, that should be avaliable to all PC's. As expected, a Merchant would manage to gain a higher selling price than all other class types.

-- Shadow of Fear (2004-12-27, 07:25:48)
I think it would be neat if Merchants got powers if they have enough gold. (say, +1 to DV for eery 10000 gold they have.)

-- NMBLNG (2005-01-02, 00:05:09)
Ummm, how about NO!? I mean, weight making you dodge better. I mean, I can understand belts of greed cause of the magic surrounding it, but just cause you have gold!? ont really

-- Brannalbinncaptainofthenorth (2005-01-10, 23:37:03)
I reckon merchants are good as they are. if you don't like what they get, don't use them. simple as that. farmers on the other hand... (j'king, j'king)

-- Brannalbinncaptainofthenorth (2005-01-14, 20:33:34)
To "Brannalbinncaptainofthenorth": I totally disagree with you. The more diversity the better!

-- Matti Merikari (2005-01-21, 11:25:29)
I like and support this RFE very much, as well as the ideas of Matti Merikari and Shadow of Fear. Go you!!!

-- Solar Scorch (2005-02-03, 23:50:27)
To "Matti Merikari": well, if you like it then make it a talent. related to miser in name but means that your dv goes up when carrying gold. but, I don't really mind cause I never play merchants, i'm an elementalist/barbarian/paladin/priest guy

-- Brannalbinncaptainofthenorth (2005-02-09, 19:06:30)

-- Note from Thomas Biskup: One or more comments for this report have been banned because they contain HTML code and this website recently has been spammed by idiots trying to swamp the website with advertisements.

ah. HTML code doesn't work here, it just makes a mess. And, what you write about casinos and poker games is nothing to do with ADOM anyways.

-- ha ha! (2005-09-21, 05:50:09)
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-- FXQ4mRW2fc (2006-03-05, 16:19:45)
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