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Bug #4969
Bug synopsis: The CoC D:49
Reported against: ADOM 1.1.1
Operating system: Windows XP
Submitted on: 2004-01-18, 03:02:07
Submitted by: Oscar Battilana
Bug state: in progress
Bug description: Maybe the Ice level should have a color effect like in the tower of the eternal flames, but blue and white..
Bug evaluation: No evaluation so far.
Comments (71): I think this is a very cool idea - almost as cool as the Ice level itself :)

-- Sammael (2004-12-09, 11:48:44)
Ok. Sounds neat. I support it.

-- NMBLNG (2004-12-19, 22:12:50)
Same here

-- Brannalbinncaptainofthenorth (2005-01-08, 20:11:13)
This is one of those posts where I don't think anyone will be against. lol. I'm for it. extra color is good.

-- Brannalbinncaptainofthenorth (2005-01-14, 20:32:02)
I concur. Color on the ice level would be very appropriate.

-- Rebekah Farthing (2005-01-22, 18:57:44)

-- Note from Thomas Biskup: One or more comments for this report have been banned because they contain HTML code and this website recently has been spammed by idiots trying to swamp the website with advertisements.

I think the ice level should perhaps be merely white, a two colour effect works in the tower of eternal flames and the underwater caves because it simulates the effects of fire and water, ice however does not behave like fire or water. It would make more sense for it to merely be white. Having said that, either wood be an improvement

-- great old one (2005-07-11, 12:49:01)
the 2 colors represented the glow of the ice, but seeing it in that way you are right.

-- Chaos God (2005-07-22, 01:25:02)
G6iIQyxZIZSI oheMQGttkrjzf 2yDa4zDwsAS4

-- 551C7dQEkW (2006-02-08, 09:26:03)
Yes... It would be wonderful...
Of cource, it must no be blue and white. Or, at least, colors must not be changing - but they can be constant. Also it's too bright contrast between blue and white. Make it simply white or white and light-gray. Remember an ice on the lakes and underground rivers!
And it would be interesting when fire building will be implemented 8). Ice will became water, and drakelings wich will want to make fire at CoC:49 will need lots of swimming skill 8)...

-- Mihail (2006-04-22, 05:19:37)
I support the "white-only" (no racism here! ;) ) option. Firstly because I agree with "great old one", and secondly, because the DOS version has to do with 16 colors only, and there's no color that could go in pair with white (cyan doesn't sound well and blue or dark blue are too dark to work as ice).

-- Zicher (2006-10-22, 14:41:00)
If the colors of the level are kept to pure white + light blue + light cyan, and the changing-color effect is on a less frequency than in ToEF (every two or three turns?), it might still look good.

-- Sammael (2007-01-13, 21:24:54)
You are The Best!!!

-- Terabanitoss (2007-05-04, 05:56:07)
xuapdvhw jfde hlrito mkltoh irayge dquavclp lzwybdsnh

-- (2007-08-14, 11:34:17)
There is already a white symbol \"#\" in the game, ice on bodies of water. Having level 49 have walls that are white #s would be severly misleading, especially to anyone who has never been to level 49 (or read spoilers).

-- Curzon Peers (2008-01-31, 02:29:27)
enfbdtxqj fwtvq pwshn qslyo azbcwusj vphqaodg rmcgouk

-- (2008-03-12, 01:01:59)
The images you ctapure with your camera hold my focus with intensity as I try to take in the beauty in all its depth. Later, as I read the words you wrote, there is more to take in and I come back again and again.

-- 2003 (2012-03-13, 00:22:30)

-- 1 (2012-08-27, 11:43:14)
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