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Bug #4972
Bug synopsis: Tweaking the Phial
Reported against: ADOM 1.1.1
Operating system: Windows XP
Submitted on: 2004-01-08, 13:14:53
Submitted by: Benjamin Keller
Bug state: in progress
Bug description: Stephen Mackey's suggestions for blanket artifact enhancements (in RFE #1630) were indeed unbalanced and unreasonable when taken as a whole. Variety is very much the spice of life, and balance is the lifeblood of the game.

However, *one* of his many suggestions in that RFE struck me as an excellent idea unto itself, specifically, the enhancements to the Phial of Caladriel:

"[Quoted from RFE 1630]... Have it work like a wand of slaying... you can choose how many points of your pp you want to spend. The more points, the bigger the radius. [Also,] have an option to permanently sacrifice pp to make the light effect ...permanent (handy for a certain Mana temple baddie)."

Implementing these alone would not trigger any of the balance or variety problems raised in the original RFE. While significantly increased in utility, the Phial would not become *so* powerful as to become unbalancing; after all, darkness is a *minor* difficulty in the game, already easily overcome by any number of other methods.

I'm aware that irreversibly lighting part of a given dungeon level may well be impossible to implement, given the various other difficulties you've mentioned in the past with the lighting system. If it *isn't* impossible, so much the better, but even if it is, the first part of Stephen's suggestion is still perfectly good all by itself. Why *not* make the Phial more user-friendly? It's a cool item. Let's make it really useful for everyone.

The advantage here, either way, is that the Phial, a wonderful item that is truly unique to Adom in rougelike games (and which already has its own mini-quest, dungeon, and Mad Minstrel tune to set it apart), would gain a great deal more depth and scope. Indeed, as Stephen points out, it would retain its usefulness well into the endgame.

There's one more thing I wish to add, but I'll put it in the Workaround section of the report so it stays secret if you decide to implement it. ;)

Happy New Year, Thomas.

Caladriel fanboy, signing off. :)
Bug evaluation: No evaluation so far.
Comments (4020): imho phial does not need tweaks as it is quite useful now, and adding killing abilities wil kind of destroy character of this item

-- zweistein (2004-12-08, 17:23:18)
The Phial could use a new use, it is true. Unless it already has a hidden use none of us know(Thomas Biskup, you tricky man).

-- Fizzle (2004-12-11, 23:35:46)
QUOTE: imho phial does not need tweaks as it is quite useful now, and adding killing abilities wil kind of destroy character of this item

"killing abilities"? The Phial of Caladriel doesn't do any damage, nor is the proposal suggesting damage be done to enemies (unless they're vulerable to light, but that's a different matter).

The suggestion is to turn the Phial of Caladriel from merely a unique item into a memorable aritfact that will leave an impression on avid players of ADOM.

In terms of practical implementation in future versions of ADOM, the choice of PP consumption would be useful and appreciated. However, it would make usage a little more cumbersome for players.

As for permanent lighting, let's just hope that Thomas thought ahead when programming ADOM and included a permanent light state flag to his tiles, because you'd have to consider how the affected area reacts when something like scrolls of darkness or the Darkness spell are used. Also, there is the consideration of places that are dark by default, the Gremlin Cave from which the phial is retrieved being the most obvious one.

-- Tung Nguyen (2004-12-17, 16:27:49)
Ben, if you want PERMANENT light around your character, wear an amulet of light or use a torch (maybe a lantern in future versions of ADOM?).

As regards the choice of pp consumption, I don't know whether it's truly necessary. I like the idea of not having to waste all the pp to light a single room or something. But since that can be done with the Light spell, no alterations to the Phial are really needed.

-- PORCO (2005-01-19, 18:18:27)

-- Note from Thomas Biskup: One or more comments for this report have been banned because they contain HTML code and this website recently has been spammed by idiots trying to swamp the website with advertisements.

yaza, I agree with porco. (nice name by the way!) I used to think the light spell was useless. and, now that I've been playing for...maybe 3 years. (yes, I know, it's a long time to be addicted) I'm finally getting to find the use of it. (I'm such an ADOM geek. I've memorised the adom unofficial guide for reference for others! oh, and myself!)

-- Brannalbinncaptainofthenorth (2005-05-12, 21:26:50)
I feel sorry for you, Thomas Biskup. Please don't give up the good fight.

-- Liutenant Dank (2005-07-04, 12:38:00)
tell me, is ANYBODY really playing in those internet casinos? i can't believe in that

-- bcgsdgdff (2005-11-11, 17:05:07)

-- XNHK50LGLQ (2006-01-29, 06:06:15)
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-- HSjnq2kAOF (2006-03-07, 03:57:20)
The Phial's primary ability is to be sacraficed to the rat. I like playing chaos, and that's all it's useful for. . . at least, as far as I've experienced it. You do get to cast light, once. Drinking it did nothing for me, that I recall. . . so, I would be in support of tweaking it a little. Like. . . casting light costs 0 pp, or you can dispell darkness in your single square if the phial is equipped and you (u)se it. Tool slot, most likely. That could be useful if you wanted to read a scroll in the middle of a darkness spell. Whatever tweak it gets, if it should get one, I think it has to be centered around light to preserve it's uniqueness.

-- Huxley (2006-03-12, 02:17:13)
To Brannalbinn:
>>(nice name by the way!)
Thank you. You happen to know what it means, I presume ;)
Sorry for going off-topic :)

-- PORCO (2006-03-12, 16:14:29)
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