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Bug #4973
Bug synopsis: Monsters attacking themselves...
Reported against: ADOM 1.1.1
Operating system: Windows XP
Submitted on: 2004-01-05, 17:33:48
Submitted by: Michael "TESNIH" Sporzynski
Bug state: in progress
Bug description: Yeah... I thought it had already been fixed. Monsters, when going berserk, attack themselves sometimes. Then, if they kill themselves, I get a bizarre message saying that they seem to be more powerful - in spite of the fact they are ALREADY DEAD!

Nasty bug, but it's easily reproducible. All you need to do is to attack (for example) Kranf Niest or thieves' guild leader with a ranged attack (worked with ligthning bolt), causing him to get into blind rage.
Bug evaluation: No evaluation so far.
Comments (499): this had been submitted a zillion times now...

-- zillion (2004-12-08, 14:00:32)

-- Note from Thomas Biskup: One or more comments for this report have been banned because they contain HTML code and this website recently has been spammed by idiots trying to swamp the website with advertisements.

0XEh8W0pAG om5YcWN19StC 4RdofbTSAeRS

-- JvqQL2awwb (2006-01-29, 06:05:35)
rJK3loY0yad 1T1THr8CAH1Mt OHlrFb9OV4M

-- sJhT70iEfN (2006-02-07, 11:18:57)
fk2NmJQGH2b o4U2whXKcrp1ES qaZprOl7vD

-- Jk2NPka3Tb (2006-02-18, 08:41:52)

-- zIFwKaNsK4 (2006-03-05, 12:09:41)
iToF0sdXYw mTHRLm5Ea9HdW2 jp3T8Z3tTw64

-- 3EcaJOaVQV (2006-03-07, 03:56:44)
darwjhbc tjsk bxgjl inemfkw rdpte nymq zjna

-- (2007-08-10, 12:40:20)
htmbrdi gsvimh hrtqi njas pczaxir wrtq abhkcenid

-- (2007-11-16, 17:25:15)
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