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Bug #4977
Bug synopsis: New Armor Type
Reported against: ADOM 1.1.0
Operating system: Windows XP
Submitted on: 2003-12-27, 20:01:40
Submitted by: Dorovan
Bug state: in progress
Bug description: I think that a new kind of armour would be nice. It would be called Mithril Plate Mail of Power. It would be about [+0, +10] <St +1, To +1>.
Bug evaluation: No evaluation so far.
Comments (245): There is already armor like that. the "of power" is a suffix which (SPOILER!!!!!) (does +20% to pp with no adjustment to the mana stat)

-- Brannalbinncaptainofthenorth (2004-12-08, 21:12:44)
Well. Why not. Though I would suggest change in the name - *something* of power is associated with items that add PP (as if halberds of "defense" weren't enough confusing already :)).

-- Sammael (2004-12-09, 14:15:19)
the subfix of power is a considerable idea.
oh, by the way, the plate armor doesn't exist, that protection might be a great addition in armors tree.

-- young chaos god (2004-12-10, 15:57:43)
yes it does! read the un-official guide if you want justification!

-- Brannalbinncaptainofthenorth (2004-12-17, 03:56:09)
OK, if the suffix of power already exist how about if this suffix name changes to "of might"?

-- young chaos god (2004-12-31, 22:19:23)
Brannalbinncaptainofthenorth is right. I myself have found plate mail in lesser vaults! *geesh*. The only thing different about this one is the +1 to ST and TO, which personally isn't really needed IMO.

-- Adam Ruggieri (2005-01-03, 22:44:30)
Yeah, go me! lol

-- Brannalbinncaptainofthenorth (2005-01-10, 23:33:25)
Unnecessary, IMO. There are enough armour types, there are enough objects that increase St and To... This armour wouldn't make a difference.

-- PORCO (2005-01-19, 18:11:05)
About the suffix: a suffix adding both to St and To could be called "of warriors". Why? Well, the tradition of computer RPGs... In the "Might and Magic" series (which have many anti-fans because of its extreme oldschoolism, but which I like nonetheless), "of warriors" items added some points to Might and Endurance (which are Strength and Toughness in ADOM). Similarly, there were items "of rogues", which added to Dexterity and Perception (if I remember correctly), and some other multiple suffixes. For example, "of the gods" items added one point to all stats.
I don't want to say that such suffixes should be introduced to ADOM, I just want to indicate that they exist in some other RPG. But well, maybe adding something like that to ADOM (or JADE) should be discussed?

-- Solar Scorch (2005-01-24, 00:01:18)
it's not a new kind of armor, only a subfix, "of might" which increases physical power, so why not?

-- young chaos god (2005-01-29, 18:23:00)
Yeah, where's the Jade forum!? (lol!)

-- Brannalbinncaptainofthenorth (2005-02-04, 19:36:11)
It would be a nice addition, gold made armors- helmets & swords that increases appeareance, which are acid & rust resistant

-- young chaos god (2005-03-07, 17:32:55)
prefix: Gold. ap(-2)-(+3) I think would be sufficient. but that should be placed in another post.

-- Brannalbinncaptainofthenorth (2005-05-12, 21:18:31)

-- Note from Thomas Biskup: One or more comments for this report have been banned because they contain HTML code and this website recently has been spammed by idiots trying to swamp the website with advertisements.

this is when even I get annoyed. why the hell did you do that! this is for discussing ADOM. not poker!

-- Brannalbinncaptainofthenorth (2005-05-28, 22:43:48)
Right. untill this dick is stopped. continue adom discussions at my site and if he comes, I will just block IP and user etc...sorry TB don't want to advertise on your site. but peeps want to talk about adom, and so, untill this guy gets sorted. I am giving adom support. there isn't an ADOM forum yet, I am talking to the other admin about it. but it WILL be made. so please join and say that you are an adom freak. and that will make the other admin give us the support forum we need at the mo

-- Brannalbinncaptainofthenorth (2005-06-03, 22:46:09)
Yeah, this *person* should be POKED in the eye. HARD.

-- Solar Scorch (2005-06-04, 18:07:25)
BN9HcwMaxg6 gPFkG5JA8sNT2a 81i8qgrIQ97G

-- RyIPgaOLhQ (2006-01-23, 19:54:53)
wgeDsvkV9pEgG 28OceFj75vZ5oQ zXzGkrGx9Zydq

-- urtJ5twqFM (2006-02-06, 04:07:11)

-- 1 (2012-09-23, 21:09:20)

-- -1\' (2012-09-23, 21:09:21)
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