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Bug #4978
Bug synopsis: Eternium Dragon Cove
Reported against: ADOM 1.1.1
Operating system: Windows XP
Submitted on: 2003-12-27, 21:18:06
Submitted by: Rebekah Farthing
Bug state: in progress
Bug description: Considering that the Drakalor Chain is an ancient, ancient place... I think another area near the dwarf graveyard would do it justice.

This area could be the Eternium Dragon Cove! It's be a cove with 15 levels filled with eternium made dragons -- imagine an eternium dragon that spouted steam and threw sling bullets! And at level seven the level scintilate colors (grey, white, and silver) and have a lava pool with an artifact gaurdian in the middle: the Eternium Killer which could guard "Phaser Axe" (6d5+18)(slices through armor) Then at level fifteen the dungeon can get really, really, tough with a few minor-like eternium clock-work molochs and the the Eternium Dragon. THe clock-work molochs could drop minor artifacts (I mean, they're tough and should be!). The Eternium dragon should probably drop a clear dragon-scale mail that gives all immunities and a clear scythe that does (5d8+30)and also slices through armor.

Yeah, I know it's a lot. But's should be well worth it _if_ the Creator does decide it's worth being put it.
Bug evaluation: No evaluation so far.
Comments (1450): this seem like a very imaginative idea and well suiting the crazy world of adom, but it needs some justification: who on earth did build all those eternium machines? and in what purpose?
furthermore I'm not sure if it really makes sense to add more extremely tough monsters/places at this point, as it could unbalance the game

-- Garand (2004-12-08, 15:16:04)
We've got dragon Cave already. How'bout moloch den below the cave of Emperor Moloch with insane corruption rate only before closing the gate? Should be a nice place for trolls.

-- TongHoAnh (2004-12-09, 15:11:30)
some just would like to have everything but the kitchen sink implemented into ADOM. There are normal people in Drakalor Chain, too - do you think it credible to just fill the dale with such unusual stuff? How do people survive in there with all those chaos baddies already?

-- Loki (2004-12-22, 12:30:38)
How about instead of doing this add more levels to the forge level. or, it could be about the same, but instead of all the hidden doors, have a stairway down at the end of all the steel golems to another level, which leads back up to the middle of the first level (like in the mazes). And maybe even add to the difficulty a little, because with the right weapon or spell, those golems are too easy. like eternium golems or something metalic that already exist. And maybe have a quest to kill the artificer that results in an artifact, like maybe a super-light silver shield that he didnt get around to corrupting yet.

-- Jonas (2004-12-24, 02:08:42)
Ooooh, more Dark Forge levels sound really good too. *drool* I could easily be happy with that.

The Khelab had to have a teacher, so his teacher wouldn't have told him about a secret place where extremely dangerous automatons and artifacts where made guarded.

-- Rebekah Farthing. (2005-01-11, 21:20:08)
Perhaps some constructs escaped from Kherab's dungoen and somhow managed to find a cave, rich in eternium ore and were able to build more golems, they could be very powerful eternium golems rather than dragons. The place could be a goldmine for ore-collecting and have some new and powerful artifacts, but to make up for this it would be *extremely* difficult. Love the idea of the lava pool and the metallic colours. You could get a quest from the smith in the dwarven village that his apprentice had been captured and the golems were forcing him to make them more powerful...

-- Assasin (2005-01-15, 12:48:12)
OOOH YEAAAH! More Darkforge! You know what was always making me wonder about it? How on Earth could it lead directly to such a deep level of the CoC??? A jump from level 3 to 30 seems weird to me. I think more levels are a splendid idea!

-- PORCO (2005-01-19, 18:06:37)
""Phaser Axe" (6d5+18)(slices through armor) "
"a clear dragon-scale mail that gives all immunities and a clear scythe that does (5d8+30)and also slices through armor. "

I'm thinking a little too powerful.

tone them down a bit or make the levels so hard that you have a 90% chance of being killed with a level 50 char.

-- Yin (2005-01-20, 22:55:25)
Perhaps so! It would really depend if the Creator wanted to put the Cove of Dragon's idea in ADOM.

I think Assasin's post with the beefed up eternium golems is very good. Maybe one of the Artifact Guardians in the cave of sorts could be an eternium dragon construct...

I think this area would also add to the game's background and replayability.

-- Rebekah Farthing (2005-01-22, 03:59:04)
I just want to point out that clockworks dragons were also suggested in RFE #3328. BTW, that RFE (and the first part of it, #3327) are very interesting! And this one is fun, too.

-- Solar Scorch (2005-02-03, 23:51:13)
I don't believe I've ever seen this idea suggested, and it seems to at least fit the dragon cove theme, so how about a type of dragon that fires off bolts of decay. Not like death ray, but would be rather painful, and has a chance to cause food to rot away. The concept of a Skeletal dragon, Undead dragon, Zombie dragon, or even a demonic dragon is very interesting to me... Would, I assume, be rather rare and quite nasty.

-- Fizzle (2005-03-12, 08:18:59)
Not a bad idea, Fizzle. Submit an RFE about it, otherwise it won't be noticed!

-- Solar Scorch (2005-03-27, 19:39:17)

-- Note from Thomas Biskup: One or more comments for this report have been banned because they contain HTML code and this website recently has been spammed by idiots trying to swamp the website with advertisements.

Clockwork dragon is obviously a raving inspired by HoMM 4.
Insane artifact phase axe is insanity (however, I remember fighting with eternium two-handad sword of penetration, and it was like cheating).

Insane nubmer of eternium golems is clearly explainable only by "Rebellion of the machines", that is, golems building more golems.
However, it is clerly more appropriate for Jade's very large world, not for Drakalor's chain, where this rebellion would have caused a lot of impact, possibly equal or even greater than ChAoS itself.

-- Nchurmdaz (2005-06-20, 23:20:02)
Ok. This idea is just childish and I don't like it. I also don't like the fact that the comments system is starting to fill up with opaque spam, but that's another story.

We don't need metallic dragons of any kind in Adom, IMHO. That's always been a D&D thing, sure, and Adom does incorporate a great many concepts from D&D, yes. But Adom doesn't have to do *everything* that D&D does.

Eternium is supposed to be a rare substance. Moreover, it is way too cool to be degraded by blowing Ancardia's entire suppy of it on an army of robots.

Moreover, a "cove," last time I checked, was a small harbor on the coast of an ocean or sea. Since when do you find "coves" in the mountains? Moreover, since when do coves have "levels" and pools of lava?

"Phaser Axe..." What is this, Star Trek?


-- Benjamin Keller (2005-07-19, 22:55:04)
I've red through the first post here, and recalled a funny comment about rats dropping spears. It said something like "I suppose that monster dropping something should have swallowed it. But can you imagine rat who swallowed a spear?"

Why should an Eternium Dragon drop
"a clear scythe that does (5d8+30)and also slices through armor".

And how could a moloch be clockwork, if he's a mysterious insubstantional demon(as far as description goes), animating a hulking armor.

-- Nchurmdaz (2005-08-03, 21:47:35)
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-- hLuZzxvMj4 (2006-01-23, 19:56:24)
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-- gUKcDsVN78 (2006-02-06, 04:04:35)
ringtones free

-- . (2006-06-13, 15:45:55)
I don't like the details of this idea, but it might be justifiable to make something of this level of difficulty if it is

a) so difficult that you wouldn't dream of facing it until you have a massive amount of eq and very high stats and have been level 50 for a while

b) it is impossible to leave the area after entering until you have traversed a very long and difficult gauntlet and then unlock the seal that is preventing you from leaving

I think in the context of the game as it is now, the stats on the artifacts and monsters would be totally inappropriate. Perhaps have this location unlock only after you close the chaos gate, merely for amusement purposes, while being an order of magnitude more difficult than anything else in the entire game - almost like a sub-game in its own right. I'm likening this to the "weapon" monsters in Final Fantasy that are much, much tougher than the final bosses of the game's plot and require a great deal of beefing your character up to godly proportions to have a chance of defeating it.

This place could have unique monsters that don't appear anywhere else in the game, but are often improved versions of other monsters. Here are some ideas:

Doppleganger emperor - thrice the hp and speed of the main character, and summons doppleganger kings. Attempting to cast teleport moves you NEXT to the Emperor, much like attempting to teleport in the casino shop moves you next to the shopkeeper. Can confuse from a distance. Deflects missiles back onto the PC. Has a very specialised feature where, if one of its subjects is attacked, he swaps places with it instantly, even if they are on opposite sides of the room.

Reaver - A vampire magi. More powerful than the lich, drains strength and toughness and regains health upon draining. Throws energy rays, blue fireballs and death rays. Often disguises itself as a vampire bat.

Chaos pirana - Randomly generated rivers of red chaos pirana water, instead of inoffensive water. Perhaps a mixture of normal and pirana water, where the red tiles move randomly amongst the blue tiles and you try to avoid the red.

Spider queen - Can shoot out streams of very strong cobweb that poisons on contact and burns acidicly when attempting to move. Regenerates.

Nightmare - Very sick power - on contact can induce "minor" regular amnesia, causing you to forget locations and the identity of certain items, or major amnesia, which makes you forget spells and attacks literacy score. Can reduces your PP below 0. Cannot actually be hit or deal damage, must simply be avoided.

Chaos vortex - Creates an explosion that has an identical affect to the chaos dragon's bolts or accidently spilling a chaos potion when dipping.

Greater white and black unicorns - As in the main game, only randomly generated, and much, much more highly experienced. When killed a Solar appears (the unicorn was its mount), also extremely experienced.

Black knight - ala monty python. He mimics your steps so you can't outpace him, regenerates, and has 8000 hp. Each time you damage him he gains an extra hit, and he always deals criticals (e.g. if you have hit him 5 times, he's hitting 6 times per round), 20 times is 21 times per round, and so on.

Death - 1000000 hp, 100d10 damage, speed 1000, hits twice. Can fire exploding death rays. Immune to everything, deflects missiles. Killing it makes you the new Death incarnate, with the same stats, death's scythe (100d10, special two hits per round as if duel-wielding), death's robes (immunity to everything and ability to deflect missiles), and the ability to throw unlimited exploding death rays for free. Cannot unwield or remove or destroy the robes or scythe once you have them, unfortunately. Wearing an amulet of life saving instantly kills you.

Reductio ad absurdum - After this monster you'll never be able to look at another again.

-- Rob (2006-07-02, 02:26:04)
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-- IGcdsRiFrroWN (2008-05-19, 01:11:07)
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-- 1991 (2009-03-05, 19:18:48)
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-- BTydvZjglYEo (2009-03-13, 13:27:19)
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