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Bug #4980
Bug synopsis: 'w'alk key should work while Sick
Reported against: ADOM 1.1.1
Operating system: Windows XP
Submitted on: 2003-12-26, 14:26:42
Submitted by: Sam Blanning
Bug state: in progress
Bug description: Currently the game refuses to let you 'w'alk while Sick. This was sensible before v1.0.0, since Sickness took off 1-2HP every turn and a PC that attempted to 'w'alk would probably end up dead.

Now (since v1.0.0), however, Sickness is more of a long-term annoyance, like Muted, than a short-term threat like Poisoned - it effectively temporarily reduces your stats and halves your HP. So not being able to use the 'w'alk key doesn't make any sense, especially considering how long Sickness lasts if you don't cure it. Not being able to use the 'w'alk key actually makes things more dangerous, since it encourages players to just hold the key down, particularly while resting.

Naturally the PC should still be interrupted while 'w'alking if he has a feverish fit, but otherwise he should be able to 'w'alk as normal while sick.

This idea was floated on RGRA and received 4 positive responses and no negative responses. One poster (sqweek) also suggested that the same should be applied to poison - being able to walk but interrupting the PC when poison causes damange.
Bug evaluation: No evaluation so far.
Comments (4288): maybe the unability to walk automatically is *meant* to be an extra annoyance for the player?

-- Garand (2004-12-08, 15:04:49)
This is a duplicate of bug report #1978 (status: closed, will not be fixed).

The evaluation reads: "This will no[t] be changed. Sickness in any case reduces your hitpoints and thus is dangerous."

-- Matti Merikari (2004-12-09, 15:04:22)
Yeah, I support it completely.
As for the poison, I think it should be left as is - more feeling.

-- Solar Scorch (2004-12-12, 01:44:47)
QUOTE: The evaluation reads: "This will no[t] be changed. Sickness in any case reduces your hitpoints and thus is dangerous."

Isn't the idea behind the 'w'alk mode that you continue moving/resting until conditions change (like reaching a branch in a tunnel or entering a room from a tunnel) or, more relevantly, a threat is encountered?

Independently, sickness will not kill the PC. A PC at full health that becomes afflicted with sickness will not suffer from feverish fits unless their HP is over 50%. This creates a sort of equilibrium system, where natural HP regeneration of the PC slowly regains the PC's HP, but the sickness will cause a fit that brings it at or below 50% again. As long as no other dangers are present, this is a survivable status even without countermeasures.

This is essentially the same as walking around with half HP and no HP regeneration beyond 50%, which means that 'w'alking does NOT pose a threat to the PC. In fact, not enabling walk for players who are used to it encourages the dangerous behaviour of holding down the "wait for a turn" key, which will not pause for monsters or other dangers.

Compare the effects of poison to sickness. Both disable the 'w'alk command. Poison is a direct threat to a PC because one unnecessary move with low HP could spontaneously mean death. Sickness, on the other hand, will never cause a feverish fit if the PC's HP is below 50%. Sickness is sustainable should it lasts indefinitely. Poison will kill should it last indefinitely.

'w'alk is provided as a convenient substitute for repeatedly pressing directions when the direction is obvious. It transfers control to the player if a threat is encountered. Poison poses a threat because it can kill independently.


That's the bottom-line argument for pro-'w'alk-while-sick supporters.

-- Tung Nguyen (2004-12-17, 16:07:38)
I think this is a VERY good idea. I have fumed over this many times. it slows down the entire game, whenever you get sick. I don't think its a good idea for poison though.

-- Erik The Fighter (2004-12-22, 20:18:38)
You SHOULD be able to 'w'alk while sick. The inability to do so is simply annoying, nothing beyond that.

-- PORCO (2005-01-19, 18:01:27)
The inability to do so was logical in previous versions of ADOM (sickness was a potentially lethal condition, thus the inability to walk continuously was to prevent the player from foolishly dying in a long corridor and indicate that he needed to eat/drink a suitable cure first). Now, this feature (or rather the lack of it) is but a leftover from the earlier versions of the game.

-- PORCO (2005-03-21, 17:30:34)
I'd also have to say that not being able to walk while Sick really gets on my nerves as well. It's not life threatening by any reckoning, and since you stop walking when a monster rolls around, there's no danger from being "surprised" while sick either.

Even with 50% HP, a low-level player can still tackle a monster or three easily. I'd rather not waste my precious gaming time getting out of the dungeon by having to tap the movement keys over and over again... =)

Walking while poisoned, at least until you get the poison coursing through, also makes perfect sense to me. If you stop when the poison injures you, it's not dangerous -- you'll have an opportunity to pause long enough to drink a healing potion or two after your HP drops to critical levels.

-- Jeremy Gibson (2005-03-27, 03:17:59)
Just as an FYI, sickness can kill a low level character, because the amount of HP the character has might be too little so when the final wave of sickness comes you can die.

-- jonas (2005-04-17, 00:49:55)

-- Note from Thomas Biskup: One or more comments for this report have been banned because they contain HTML code and this website recently has been spammed by idiots trying to swamp the website with advertisements.

I'll vote for this RFE. I agree that sickness is no longer enough of an immediate threat to the player to warrant such interference... at least make it an available option in the adom.cfg file.

-- Benjamin Keller (2005-07-19, 22:58:28)
WTFis up with that blackjack spam?

-- A random pile of slime (2005-07-26, 02:47:23)
U damn big fucker idiot.

-- Battle bunny (2005-07-28, 14:51:35)

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-- (2008-05-02, 00:46:39)
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