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Bug #4981
Bug synopsis: New Type of Sword
Reported against: ADOM 1.1.0
Operating system: Windows XP
Submitted on: 2003-12-27, 19:54:43
Submitted by: Dorovan
Bug state: in progress
Bug description: I have an idea for a new kind of sword. It would be the Flaming Adamantium Long Sword of Damnnation. <+2, 1d8+8>, and when you wielded it you would become doomed. Of course, when you took it out of your inventory, you would no longer be doomed.
Bug evaluation: No evaluation so far.
Comments (61): and the "Flaming" part would provide extra damage from fire, is that righ?

I'm not sure whether such an item cannot already be randomly generated... the 'of damnation' and 'flaming' pre/suffixes already exist, don't they?

-- Garand (2004-12-08, 15:02:17)
LOL. there is already a sword which does just that! there are a lot of prefix's and suffix's, and most (no, actually some) people don't think there are prefix's and thomas went to all that trouble making thousands of items offhand. just 'cause you haven't seen a weapon doesn't mean it doesn't exist. if you see a weapon that isn't an artifact and has some special name (fickle, flaming, brutal...) chances are, it's a prefix. prefix's and suffix's can go on any weapon. and there are special ones for armor as well. so remember to check that it's not just a prefix (if it's on a weapon or armor, chances are it's a prefix or a suffix. (thanks for listening to my rambling)

-- Brannalbinncaptainofthenorth (2004-12-08, 21:21:22)
Don't be a ****ing retard you dolt. This is already possible.

-- Flub (2004-12-14, 23:43:55)
Don't be so blunt, this board isn't for flame wars, ok? But yeah, That sword is allready possible. weapons and armor are pretty much all sorted, but one Item that I would like implemented is karmic dragon scale mail, don't know what that would do, but maybe you can work on that.

-- Brannalbinncaptainofthenorth (2005-01-10, 23:53:57)
Uh, Karmic Dragon Scale Mail... Yeah... Ok, the (colour)- dragon mails give cool immunities. The only thing that springs to my mind is the immunity for the karmic beings, i.e. not getting the cursed and doomed intrinsics when attacking a karmic being. I think there is a ring that does just that, at the cost of declining its b/u/c status. How about applying that to the armour?

-- PORCO (2005-01-19, 17:57:44)
2 Dorovan:

U're frum Russia, aren't u? :)

-- -=FK=- (2005-02-16, 07:43:12)

or, it could change colour every turn or so and give you immunity to different things. Like real karmic dragons do.

-- Brannalbinncaptainofthenorth (2005-03-10, 19:53:30)
That's interesting but I don't think the karmic beings' colour-changing skin/scales actually has something to do with alternating immunities. I'd rather think that a karmic dragon scale mail should give the PC one of the properties of the karmic beings. And since cursing/dooming enemies doesn't make much sense, I believe the karmic attack resistance is the most logical option. Or, we could agree that the armour DOES curse/doom the enemies attacking the PC, having no effect on the player. If blessed, it might increase the PC's karma when s/he is attacked, possibly declining the the armour's status to uncursed. Ah, my imagination is getting wild...

-- PORCO (2005-03-21, 17:21:48)
Ummmm, according to the ADOM faq. I got it slightly wrong.

"The changing color of karmics reflects the nature of karmic dragons. They breathe not one element, like ordinary dragons, but have *all* the breath attacks available, varying from turn to turn depending on their color. This also means that they are immune to all elemental magical attacks. Unfortunately karmic dragon scale mail is not available in the game. ;-) They are vulnerable to dragon slaying ammo."

-- Brannalbinncaptainofthenorth (2005-04-01, 22:10:23)
Armor of Karmic Dragon Scales would just be an artifact armor with good PV gaining imunities to Fire, Ice and Lighing. That's all. - Kinda improved RoR.
Dooming and cursing enemies is quite ridiculous, IMO.

-- Nchurmdaz (2005-06-20, 22:45:31)
It is impossible to doom or curse enemies.

-- Flub (2005-09-16, 23:01:55)
xB0qSlkdrJGx uULQB9prWIv 8wD8BTCbdu5D

-- 4f0LEYK8Kg (2006-03-06, 14:27:21)
Yeah, I know cursing/dooming enemies sounds ridiculous... Well, you can bless them anyway... OK, it could be a colour-changing armour, giving a different immunity each turn then... All immunities at once is way overpowered, unless it's an artifact.

-- PORCO (2006-03-06, 15:37:43)

-- Note from Thomas Biskup: One or more comments for this report have been banned because they contain HTML code and this website recently has been spammed by idiots trying to swamp the website with advertisements.

zxfskrq shvyzqnac vmkq qymored zultwi wjnob jadngheo

-- (2008-03-07, 05:08:18)

-- HUzwMbBFMvk (2008-05-18, 09:50:09)
So I ran across this, years after the fact, and recognized my little brother\'s preferred (at the time) username. To \"Flub\": it is unlikely at this point that you will ever read this, but for the record, at the time \"Dorovan\" posted this suggestion, he was twelve. Yes, the suggestion was bad, but your response was worse. Dorovan had an excuse -- what\'s yours?

-- Concerned Third Party (2013-12-08, 04:56:29)
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