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Bug #4982
Bug synopsis: Wand Of Worship
Reported against: ADOM 1.1.1
Operating system: Windows XP
Submitted on: 2003-12-23, 04:49:30
Submitted by: mitchell kehoe
Bug state: in progress
Bug description: I think a wand that creates an altar of the PC's Alignment (or not if cursed) would be cool, and would allow for more diety-related opportunities
Bug evaluation: No evaluation so far.
Comments (105): there are enough altars already to be found in the game to satisfy all the religious needs:)

-- Garand (2004-12-08, 14:59:58)
Nah. There were already many suggestions for altar creations, and ultimately all had been rejected as too unbalancing. That especially goes with wands - especially if it is wishable and rechargable, thus making it an unlimited source of altars.

The only plausible possibility that strikes me right now how to make an altar in the game would be through some kind of "The manual of altar building", that could be used only once, and in conjunction with a proper tract of order/balance/chaos, a holy water and a holy symbol that would be used up as well. But again, this rises the question of unbalance too.

-- Sammael (2004-12-09, 12:19:13)
if wand of altar creation would exist, adom will be boring even for cheaters.

-- young chaos god (2004-12-10, 15:48:45)
Such ideas were suggested before, and considered very overpowered. Sorry.

-- Solar Scorch (2004-12-12, 01:37:34)
NO. There already were people who wanted to build altars. NO. It is good, how it is now :)

-- Blackeyed (2004-12-12, 02:06:48)
Thomas evaluated RFE #1917: "Wish for altars? Build altars?" as follows: "Too powerful. Altars are meant to be rare."
The same evaluation is valid here as well, I think.

-- Matti Merikari (2004-12-12, 14:16:47)

-- Note from Thomas Biskup: One or more comments for this report have been banned because they contain HTML code and this website recently has been spammed by idiots trying to swamp the website with advertisements.

Altar building could be done via a nonguaranteed artifact, wich falls into category of tools.
The idea is, that an altar is a rare thing indeed, and one wouldn't be usually able to create one.
The process of altar creation, e.g. permanently transforming an artifact weighting about 5000 stones into a common permanent altar would be very long and costy - something equal to learning "Wish" spell + sacrificing all but a small amount of piety + massive Ma lost due to incursion into sphere of divinity, plus a large chance of instadeath if at low piety, and an obligatory prerequisite of being crowned.

That is, a player might create an altar if he's lucky enough to find *one* artifact, which cannot be reproduced, wished for, or acquired other than randomly found *once*, and pay a very high price in piety and attribute scores (maybe To in addition to Ma due to intense exhaustion during the process).

Player must make loud sounds during the process, and invoke certain fluxes in mana flow, alarming all intelligent monsters, like demons, balors, greater undead, whih might disturb the process, forcing one to restart.

To make the matter worse, some levels must be immune to creating altars as being especially unholy, or dangerous to diety itself due to close disposition to source of ChAoS (D:50, for example) - remember that altar is a portal, to a certain extent, via wich thing go up to your diety - he/she won't be pleased to recieve a hit from avatars of his or her worst enemy.

We could also make this altar-creating artifact a guaranteed item via implementin a quest from a saved Khelavaster, druid in Terinyo, priest in Dwarftown when a certain lvl is reached. This quest might include a side level in a CoC around levels 25-something, containing a greater undead vault. The supporting babble would include something like "Ancient times... when gods walked the earth and conducted prozelitism... Used these things to create places of worship by themselves.... And I had a vision from -crowned player's diety name-, telling of one such thing remaining in Drakalor Chain... Unfortunately evil forces have taken control over it... it must be rescued in the name of -crowned player's diety name- and put to good use serving his gllory".

-- Nchurmdaz (2005-06-20, 22:16:36)
That would work perhaps, but only for lawful or neutral PCs. Chaotic deities wouldn't be afraid of the chaos plane, and besides chaotic PC's wouldn't be able to receive that artifact (Khelavaster, Terinyo druid, or Ruun wouldn't give them the quest) - and the game is tough for them anyway.
Still, I think that this idea has some potential and deserves further consideration.

-- Solar Scorch (2005-10-01, 17:32:33)
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-- o355P9Fu1N (2006-03-06, 07:24:13)
My idea of altar creation would be something like this:
Well, the altars are made of white marble, gray granite and black obsidian. So first of all, you'd need to mine some of this. Let's assume, you need 10000 stone of one stone, and each slab of these rocks is 200 stone. These would only be found in lower levels, as the upper levels' rock is too low quality for that. And they'd be rare too. Mining would affect the chance of mining these very rare stones.
Then, you'd need to get several holy symbols (probably 5), and blessed ones to that.
Finally, you need to complete a ritual to convert all this mess into an altar. You could either pay a priest for this (with something along the lines of 1 000 000 000 gold, +/- three zeros at the end) or you could learn a spell. This spell would reduce stats (maybe a few points each, or 20 from one stat) with each usage.
The benefits: Obviously, you get the altar. Also, the deity you constructed the altar to will be very happy. Maybe happy enough for a 3rd-4th postcrowning.

-- Battle bunny (2006-12-23, 15:34:01)
Hello! Good Site! Thanks you! wglmbiyxvbeh

-- nzxhxbioxw (2007-07-03, 16:34:57)
Creating an altar on D:50 would make the final battle too easy. If there were a possibility to create altars, some areas shouldn't permit it, let's say, due to the fact that they are controlled by the chaos god (orb guardians' temples, D:48, D:50...)

-- PORCO (2007-12-20, 17:43:29)
dnhqzky owfrc vdfmwx weyhdiu mhbvzj hcsytdr fexmibhu

-- (2008-05-01, 04:33:35)
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