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Bug #4985
Bug synopsis: Slave with minus HP still alive
Reported against: ADOM 1.1.1
Operating system: Windows XP
Submitted on: 2003-12-18, 04:23:32
Submitted by: Chris Munn
Bug state: in progress
Bug description: When raising all corpses in sight as ghuls with the necronmancer class skill, the ghuls slowly decompose until they crumble to dust. If I leave the ghul before it turns to dust so I can not see it, then return to where it was, I have found that the ghuls have negative HPs. I have seen them reach -1400 HP and one hit still kills them.
Bug evaluation: No evaluation so far.
Comments (4745): Simple problem, he's not checking monsters that are out of view. The hit initiates the death check, so it crumbles on the first hit. Looks like with the current ADOM setup, there is no way to fix it --in my humble opinion.

-- Ter13 (2005-02-04, 18:35:07)

-- Note from Thomas Biskup: One or more comments for this report have been banned because they contain HTML code and this website recently has been spammed by idiots trying to swamp the website with advertisements.

This comment spam is total crap... What's the deal with the frickin' bots?

-- Ter13 (2005-05-20, 03:12:51)
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-- aItqT2S0lG (2006-02-08, 20:49:31)

Hmm, This Gives Me An Idea; If SOMEONE Sees This Comment Please Tell Your Opinion,

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I Think That, If We Use This Comment System, Is Our Responsability To Keep It Clean, So I'll E-Mail Thomas Biskup With This Idea, Hoping That He Will See This With An Open Mind.

-- Order Cares About What It Already Has. (2006-03-04, 21:00:51)
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