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"Some gems harbour magical powers."
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Bug #4988
Bug synopsis: "Urns" with random effects
Reported against: ADOM 1.1.1
Operating system: Windows XP
Submitted on: 2003-12-15, 00:30:44
Submitted by: Assassin's apprentice
Bug state: in progress
Bug description: Now, I know that containers aren't going to be implemented. But I ran across an old (freeware) rogue-alike called Ragnarok and in that game there are urns. What you do with them is, you break them open and eat whatever's inside. Sometimes they contain nothing (no satiation), sometimes there's food (you get a meal), sometimes a magical substance (your PP increases), etc. You wouldn't need to code containers, all you'd need is to code a random effect generator for this item... like pools, only the effects are different and you can carry them around.

What do you think?
Bug evaluation: No evaluation so far.
Comments (191): Urns usually contain the ashes of people long dead. How on earth could you explain finding edible objects inside?

-- Garand (2004-12-08, 14:58:08)
I know the word "urn" is used in a figurative sense here, but I can't see it containing anything else but ash.

How about "pot" instead?

-- Matti Merikari (2004-12-10, 13:35:57)
...On the other hand why add pots when we have potions of wonder.

-- Matti Merikari (2004-12-10, 13:38:06)
OOPS! The potion of wonder grants a spell.

-- Matti Merikari (2004-12-10, 14:08:16)
how about a potion instead an urn? a potion of surprise.

-- young chaos god (2004-12-10, 15:37:14)
Actually, I like this a lot. I feel that it would add a bit of distinction to a PC if there were some intrinsics only available through the use of urns. I think maybe most urns should simply be "U"sed, though, maybe with the exception of a few locked urns that would have to be broken open. Perhaps they could contain powerful magic?

-- Fizzle (2004-12-11, 23:16:37)
What if the pot contained a crystal of fire...

I think you should have to throw pots to brake them open!!

-- NMBLNG (2004-12-19, 21:58:50)
Ragnarok has urns, ADOM has fortune cookies. How about implementing more fortune instead?

-- Loki (2004-12-22, 12:32:23)
How about getting 'What do you wish for?' from fortune cookie, and when you write your wish, you get a 'small scroll' which reads your wish, nothing more?

We need little funny things more.

I like the urn thing, but I think 'diablo-style' (anti-archeologist-style) of kicking down pots which might have something, would be nice, random spawn rooms with couple of pots which you can go around kicking? Or a merchant selling pots/vases in Terinyo, which would all be named as 'clay pot' or 'clay vase', and they would light brown !-mark. Then you could buy them at fixed price each, and when you would kick them they would break and might yield an random item, or might be empty. Little gambling with the pottery guy (Though kicking them in the shop would make the potterer VERY angry)

-- Mirko Koponen (2005-01-02, 12:32:22)

-- Note from Thomas Biskup: One or more comments for this report have been banned because they contain HTML code and this website recently has been spammed by idiots trying to swamp the website with advertisements.

fu poker

-- fdfafdsasaddf (2005-08-08, 23:33:34)
While I can't see the true necessity to implement those urns, I see no harm in them. The more items, the better - to a certain threshold, which IMO is not transgressed here. So I personally give this RFE a green light... Provided that it would be something really interesting.
What could you find in an urn? Well, probably small objects (like the ones you can acquire by pickpocketing), or magical effects (like casting a spell), or maybe even summoning a lich or a wraith from the ashes?
P.S. Support spam deletion!

-- Solar Scorch (2005-10-01, 15:55:48)
how to support it?

-- sdfafdaafsdafsd (2005-11-19, 02:53:25)
looks like this spambot attacks mainly ADOM sites

-- afsdafsdafsdafsdsfd (2006-01-18, 02:29:22)
Z6cy3lhLwG3opY ihzLWCSa2cQtA K6K9Dnr4ag9

-- kw70IaG4Oj (2006-02-02, 22:23:57)
dVid4MWeYN tAGulZYUaMeT vmyRugCBHj4nV

-- oLYpxgqeng (2006-02-06, 09:55:52)
I think the urns would be an interesting feature, as long as they were different from potions of wonder, fortune cookies, pools, wands of wonder, pick pocketing, corpse eating, scroll reading, and all the other fun, random, little things in ADOM that I may have forgotten. I like the idea of finding items. . . sometimes empty, sometimes not. In addition to items, I would like it if you did actually find ashes, and you had to eat them to gain the effects of the pot. I like the idea of smashing the pots open, as well. Throwing them against walls, then picking up what was inside would be my personal favorite. It's just different from anything else, that way. . . maybe sometimes it could start a fire, or flood, creating a river in the middle of the dungeoun (red or blue, respectively), giving it another effect that would distinguish it from the other random effect items. As long as it distinguishes itself from the other items, that's all I'd care about. Otherwise there wouldn't really be a point to them.

-- Huxley (2006-03-12, 01:43:38)
Uh... This seems sort of like a statue that would just give more than wands, right?

-- Flea (2006-03-31, 13:35:20)
I think, urn with random effect is simply a copy of potion of wander. Where the difference?
We always can play Diablo if we want. But, please, don't make Diablo from ADoM!

-- Mihail (2006-04-22, 04:06:57)
I tested Ragnarok. The game itself is almost decent. But Ragnarok Online is a HQ of botters, assholes, etcetera. I'd rather choose this spambot then. Or even better, neither.

-- Battle bunny (2006-06-16, 16:55:33)
How would this be any different than drinking from a pool?

-- nevered (2006-07-06, 05:34:13)
Personally, I dislike the idea of urns, and not only because they're completely stolen from Ragnarok. They just don't seem to be in keeping with the spirit of the game.

-- The Troll Shot-gun Master (2007-05-11, 05:19:23)
pmnwou rzdf pezfdrmy ohlzyck pcjwrmh qxmnyi fwuo

-- (2008-05-02, 12:51:06)
And this

-- And this (2009-04-26, 10:33:22)
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