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Bug #4990
Bug synopsis: Stunned monsters attacking self and looking more powerful
Reported against: ADOM 1.1.1
Operating system: Windows XP
Submitted on: 2003-12-13, 20:57:47
Submitted by: Levi Naumu
Bug state: in progress
Bug description: I was playing a lvl. 26 or so elementalist and came upon the same problem twice. I attacked a lich in the dwarven graveyard and it became stunned through the force of my attack. It then proceeded to kill itself with it's own spell! That was fine, but then it said "the lich suddenly looks more powerful" after it was dead.

It said "The lich mumbles arcane formulae! The lich is hit with a barrage of glowing balls! The lich is badly injured by the searing flames. The lich is killed! The lich suddenly looks more powerful."

Again, later in the CoC, I stunned a troll berserker and it attacked and killed itself, then became "more powerful" after it was dead.
Bug evaluation: No evaluation so far.
Comments (639): Look at previous bug reports...

-- J (2004-12-20, 02:28:50)
I've had this same thing happen, though in the outlaw settlement when attacking the mad doc. It said, (cannot remember his name) Decides to fight to the death in blind rage (or something similar) *He* attacks *himself*. *Himself* is killed. *He* suddenly looks more powerful. Subsitute all the he's, and himself's, with his name ofcourse. :-P

-- Adam Ruggieri (2005-01-06, 01:29:44)
I had the exact same problem when killing Hotzenplotz. I shot an ice bolt at the crime lord and his cronies and the next thing I know, Hotzenplotz decides to fight to the death in a blind rage, kills himself, and gets more powerful.

The sherrif didn't admit that I had caused his death, either.

I suppose the problem has something to do with the code for when mosters decide to fight to the death in a blind rage, perhaps they choose the wrong target?

-- Daniel Parker (2005-01-17, 20:42:54)
you stupid idiots! if one of your henchmen kills a monster it gains more experience, hence the message "gets more powerful". so isn´t it natural that if a monster kills itself it gains experience AND gets more powerful.

-- Fetikka (2005-03-03, 10:53:44)
Of course, it is naural in the coding - but a dead outlaw really *doesn't* look more powerful than a living one, even if it killed one more monster, on account of it being ....dead... unable to fight any more.

We need an exception/addition to the code for self-kills.

-- Kelibath (2005-04-17, 09:54:56)

-- Note from Thomas Biskup: One or more comments for this report have been banned because they contain HTML code and this website recently has been spammed by idiots trying to swamp the website with advertisements.

What a fag is this. stop this heracy right now! you are ruining our peacefull community. :'(

-- anon. (2005-05-28, 23:48:23)
i have just read the comment on this
i got my caracter kill today in the open cave before the darf town because i did just let worm span there and then decided to clear them
it's not logical a litle worm kill a level 30 caracter with about 60 dv and 50 pv when a ancient dragon hardly hit it.

-- PuRuSkA (2005-07-21, 06:21:41)
Same thing happened to me with Yergius, the master thief.

>>Yergius, the master thief, is hit by the acid bolt! Yergius, the master thief, decides to fight to the death in a blind rage!, etc.

So the lawful boost AND the experience from killing him went to Yergius instead of my wizard, and now he's dead. Woohoo!

-- Derge (2005-08-08, 23:24:18)
woMP9xdaVan2q c2O2wljEUjTvy KfVheIChDUsP3w

-- ihDsZqAPit (2006-02-02, 01:25:03)

Hmm, This Gives Me An Idea; If SOMEONE Sees This Comment Please Tell Your Opinion,

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I Think That, If We Use This Comment System, Is Our Responsability To Keep It Clean, So I'll E-Mail Thomas Biskup With This Idea, Hoping That He Will See This With An Open Mind.

-- Let's Keep This Place Clean. (2006-02-08, 22:41:21)
s8UemNTorJI kSPSpXTvV4YT zTt1lM1UFd233

-- cDzwmL6da3 (2006-03-04, 10:55:36)
Same here (ADOM 1.1.1. on Debian GNU/Linux):

You hit the swordsman and moderately wound him.
The swordsman decides to fight to the death in a blind rage!
The swordsman attacks the swordsman.
The swordsman is killed!
The swordsman suddenly looks more powerful.

-- Shadowbird (2006-05-22, 13:35:50)
I got almost the exact same thing as Levi.

This is in the dwarven graveyard, with a Level 22 Gray Elf Elementalist, not that that matters...

- You scorch the master lich. The master lich decides to fight to the death in a blind rage. The master lich attacks the master lich. The master lich is destroyed! The master lich suddenly looks more powerful.

It killed itself. I've never had this happen to me in my many years of playing ADOM.

-- Roman Rabin (2006-07-24, 04:43:53)
I've seen this bug too, playing the winbeta version. It happened when attacking Hotzenplotz. I fired a magic missile which bounced and hit Hotzenplotz twice. He decided to fight in a blind rage, hit himself, killed himself, and then looked more powerful.

I can't confirm, but I think it may have something to do with a creature getting enraged while your character is out of melee range.

Also, I don't have a real problem with monsters committing hari kari, but it's very annoying when it interferes with a quest (such as the Hotzenplotz example). If this is going to be fixed, either make it so enraged monsters don't kill themselves, or the character still gets the credit for the kill when monsters do kill themselves.

-- Schmoe (2007-03-23, 17:13:00)
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-- (2008-05-01, 07:56:05)
yeah recently a lvl 1 gnomish wizard slowed yergius, the master thief, then acid bolted him, who then went into a blind rage, missed himself, and I killed him with another bolt. how can you miss yourself, I wonder?

-- American ADOM fan (2009-06-02, 20:19:23)
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