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Bug #4993
Bug synopsis: Illogical messages
Reported against: ADOM 1.1.1
Operating system: Windows XP
Submitted on: 2003-12-07, 23:49:31
Submitted by: Rami Raksab
Bug state: in progress
Bug description: I was in melee combat with a red dragon, wielding two weapons. One was a frozen dagger. I received the following messages after one turn when I attacked:

"You hit the red dragon and moderately wound him. [first weapon attack] You hit the red dragon and moderately wound him. [frozen dagger attack] The red dragon is frozen by icy shards emerging from your weapon. The red dragon is badly injured by the icy blast. The attack doesn't penetrate the defenses of the red dragon!"

If an attack doesn't get through the monster's DV, obviously that "badly injured" message makes no sense.
Bug evaluation: No evaluation so far.
Comments (1151): Not really, I think it is possible to 'burn' from thing, even if it does not penetrate (or in this case, freeze something), maybe not as effectively, but if the thing is covered with fire (in theory) and you attack it with opposing element, the ice would still hit the fire, even if it would not penetrate the fiery shell, my two cents

-- Dzeron (2005-01-02, 11:20:59)
I've received similar errors in logic when fighting. Such as, "~You~ attack the ~foo~. ~You~ miss the ~foo~. ~Foo~ is killed." Also the same when the cute dog attackes. The cute dog missed, yet the enemy died right after the blow? .. Weird.

-- Adam Ruggieri (2005-01-06, 01:26:35)
hmm, an extra damage dice throught defenses for critical element?

-- young chaos god (2005-01-12, 18:38:16)

-- Note from Thomas Biskup: One or more comments for this report have been banned because they contain HTML code and this website recently has been spammed by idiots trying to swamp the website with advertisements.


-- hjghh (2005-06-23, 00:07:20)
WOW! Really! I had the zame one!!! omg no way lolz!! zo I had the zame type of daggerz!

-- ee (2005-07-25, 02:13:03)
tZWCNUvTOR vj0FPyQ0jZ0X9 xiZLDmIRGn8rn

-- J9xNDcmhP5 (2006-01-22, 20:19:57)

-- poster (2006-01-26, 23:44:45)

Hmm, This Gives Me An Idea; If SOMEONE Sees This Comment Please Tell Your Opinion,

To Make This Casino Bullshit Dissappear, We Can Create An ADOM COMMENTERS COMMUNITY (ACC), Which Anyone Can Join (Still Making Possible The Original Comment Mode Same As Always) But This (Reponsible) Members Has The Power Of Modifying Comments Or Erasing Them;

Having Our "Headquarters" That For Banning Those Who Join For Creating Havoc In This Place.

I Think That, If We Use This Comment System, Is Our Responsability To Keep It Clean, So I'll E-Mail Thomas Biskup With This Idea, Hoping That He Will See This With An Open Mind.

-- Opinions For This Idea Are Welcome. (2006-01-30, 20:58:17)
execute spammers with an axe.yes.die spammers.

-- ghojd (2006-02-21, 22:02:32)
MMMMMMMM Death 2 all spammerz!!!!!!!!!! btw way i once had a message saying ~you~ hit the ~FOO~ but do not harm it. The ~FOO~ is dead. ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

-- Lurch Almighty (2006-03-26, 14:18:36)
sfluynavj mhvxt lewhcgz dyvlbch kqxmaovj womthuj knaqj

-- (2007-04-06, 07:19:31)
fnoicg fbwry iljkosqug rmle ckxwrfe aewgkymn gmseknt

-- (2007-11-17, 02:44:26)
societies president extinctions running issue impact beginning

-- diamontina (2010-06-05, 11:20:45)
Don\'t burn your bridges behind you

-- Val Tignini (2010-12-09, 03:06:58)
Wow I must cnoefss you make some very trenchant points.

-- 1991 (2012-01-03, 13:47:22)
Thanks for the guide

-- cheap beats by dre (2012-12-02, 19:41:28)
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