monster description errors
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monster description errors

Some monsters donít give a description when looked at sometimes. The ones Iíve noticed are: goblin scavenger, goblin warrior, orc, lizard man warrior, jackalwere, hobgoblin warrior, and cave tigers

shadows, chaos sisters, and zombies I havenít ever got a description of so I figure they just must not have a description yet

The two descriptions you get of cave tigers appear to be the description of trolls

Some skeletons have description of their living counterparts Iíve noticed this for: orc skeletons, and I believe also for goblin scavenger skeletons and goblin warrior skeletons (though I canít remember if they were just goblin skeletons or the ones I mentioned now.)
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03-26-2012 12:42 PM
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Speaking of which, I have seen some descriptions that werent updated yet. I've looked at a hobgoblin bandit earlier and it said "A human driven to crime..." but I cant remember it verbatim, cause I looked only for a few moments before I shattered him into atoms (i can tell because he clearly must have disintegrated, leaving no remains or equipment behind, not even a fine mist).

03-27-2012 01:32 AM
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Another one I just found on the second sentence of wild cats. "Its looks so furry and cute you just wanna pet it; " should be "It looks so furry and cute"

Also the end of one of the giant frog descriptions. "or knocking them about with the muscular tongue." is probably suppose to be "their muscular tongue"

05-02-2012 07:02 PM
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Fixed all of them for ADOM II 0.2.4. Please send all your real names to creator(at) for it to be included in the credits. (If you were already asked to do so you can ignore this message. Please include a reference to the bug or RFE you are credited for.)

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