Three minor observations
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Three minor observations

I'm playing a trollish monk, doing the dual stave wielding thing everyone is talking about and noticed three things:

1) There only is a Staves (2H) weapon skill. When clearly it is possible two have a one-handed stave. I assume medium-sized creatures could use two small staves, so it won't be such a rare thing either (sure isn't now...). (And on the same note: wouldn't large daggers or knifes be two-handed for small creatures? Does that need a separate weapon-skill too?)
2) I regularly get critically hitted by small creatures who then do zero damage anyways. I think a critical hit should always do at least one damage. I just don't see how it's critical if it has no effect at all. Or there could be a different effect I suppose, like slowing you down or disarming you for example. Thoughts?
3) Shouldn't it be much harder to kick flying enemies, especially when circular kicking multiple enemies? Just trying to visualize this...
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