Make the Scroll of Information in the SMC Dynamic
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Make the Scroll of Information in the SMC Dynamic

Currently, when you enter the Small Cave dungeon, there's a scroll of information on the steps that tells you how many steps you are away (using the quickest walking route) to to the waterproof blanket.

The problem is, this isn't of much use to new players, and veterans already know just to try and find the the furthermost room from the entrance to find the blanket.

What if this was changed so that the distance to the blanket was recalculated every time you read the scroll of information. I.e, when you first read it "98 paces away your goal is lying" - take a step, read "97 paces away your goal is lying"... that would actually make more sense, and actually make the scroll useful. Plus it'd be kind of neat. :)

Once you pick up the blanket the scroll could disappear in a puff of light or something.
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08-11-2017 05:09 AM
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Can't you upon SMC level generation store the coordinates of the blanket's initial location as a non-changing variable, and once the PC has stepped on that square the scroll becomes nonfunctional (blank or indecipherable)? Or, it could just keep pointing to the original location of the blanket forever - nobody should need the scroll anyway after finding the blanket after all.

08-11-2017 06:47 AM
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My apologies Thomas and Dogbreath. I admit my guilt, was wrong. Will try to be more respectful in future.
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08-11-2017 10:26 AM
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Quote Originally Posted by adom-admin
Third your explanations totally miss the point... algorithmically this is not very complicated. The complications are on the logical side:
  • I probably would have to special mark _the_ blanket to not confuse it with other blankets.
  • I probably might confuse players if there ever happen to be two blankets on the level as the constantly changing distance might go up and down with two blankets in wildly irregular matter.

It's bad enough that I by now probably have already wasted 15 minutes on this instead of programming fun features.
not to lecture someone but how about:
-scroll tracks steps to the spot the blanket was generated
-once player reaches the spot scroll disapears in pink magic puff
-if no blanket on that spot in that moment, puff gives extra message - 'damn, someone took it'.
(optionally make original blanket unpickable -- not sure hw hard/easy it is)

08-11-2017 12:07 PM
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Quote Originally Posted by Soirana
(optionally make original blanket unpickable -- not sure hw hard/easy it is)
AFAIK there's a "unpickable by NPCs" flag already in existence for items that quest givers (e.g. Jharod) drop.

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