3.0.6 free version crash and corrupt.
issueid=5912 01-12-2018 12:39 AM
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3.0.6 free version crash and corrupt.

I am on my work computer so playing 3.0.6 free version. I get my archer to the scintillating cave and my game starts "auto-saving". well it crashed during the auto-save and it corrupted my file so now I cannot access my character any more.

My suggestion would either be. make some sort of integrity verification before overwriting previous .bak file. or make it so there is always 2 .bak files. because I put a lot of effort into this character and have been so excited to finish this ultra and now I cant finish. But not only can I not finish, also how am I supposed to try putting in that much effort again when the exact same thing might happen to my next character. This is a real big let down and needs to be fixed asap.
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