Expand quest dialogs in ADOM
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Expand quest dialogs in ADOM
ADOM's quest descriptions can be vague in some areas, we should make them more detailed

All quests in ADOM rely on just a few lines of text to establish what to do next. Arguably some don't provide enough information. The best example is "Slay the demon terrorizing our village" quest from Thrundarr.

When I first saw it only recently I was really confused: what demon? where? is it below the village like ogres?

Only then you realize that the demon is already in the village. If it's a sudden attack surely Thrundarr would make it clear that it's happening NOW, is a sudden event rather a regular occurrence (like with Ogres) and so on. Perhaps more backstory here? Where did the demon come from anyway?

As an extension of this idea: maybe a "conversation history" tab is a good idea. Where you can see all messages from the major NPCs in ADOM. That way you could quickly refresh your memory about what you should be doing.
I know we have a "quests" window, but the quest descriptions there are even more short/vague than the original convarsations, in some cases that's not quite fair - the player has to either write down the info, or browse the hugely bloated message log for that particular conversation.

Bringing this up mostly because ADOM is renowned for having a story (and thus more RPG elements). In my impression the storytelling is very barebones, and could use some more fleshing-out if we're going to continue showcasing the RPG aspects.
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Having thought longer about this I believe that the quest system needs a decent overhaul:
- We should improve the texts as you indicate.
- We also should turn like "go to cave x" or "find place y" into minor quests that are listed in the quest display and for which you receive rewards.
- Quest rewards should be indicated with a popup dialog to better guide the player through the game.

08-09-2017 01:51 PM
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The following improvements have been implemented:
- Gaining a quest and completing a quest now is indicated by a special dialog.
- The quest overview has more detailed descriptions and sometimes breaks quests up into smaller steps to make it easier for the user to understand how to solve it.
- The formatting of the quest overview has been improved.

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Quote Originally Posted by adom-admin
- The quest overview has more detailed descriptions and sometimes breaks quests up into smaller steps to make it easier for the user to understand how to solve it.
Am curious how 'hinty' this will be. I remember feeling quite proud as a kid when I first figured out how to cure Yriggs for example.

08-09-2017 09:46 PM
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I feel like adom lacks traditional conversations from other RPGs. Don't insist on having them much though, there will be a lot of work to make the interesting and useful and there might be conversation-haters on these forums.

08-10-2017 08:33 AM
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It is not very hinty. Just slightly more detailed.Like e.q. separating killing the dark druid into two steps "Find the dungeon <location info>" and "Kill the druid" (to name a simple example).

08-10-2017 01:46 PM
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Does this mean that we can view completed quests too?

08-11-2017 06:56 PM
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Quote Originally Posted by Laukku
Does this mean that we can view completed quests too?
I have not added this for now. If this is important to you please file a separate RFE for it. The reason for not doing it right away is that the internal state machine of ADOM is incredibly arcane and complex (e.g. basically would need a complete rewrite) and it's quite difficult to determine past states. As strange as that might sound. Quests sadly are one of the worst parts implementation-wise of ADOM. So many lessons learned for the next quest state engine.

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