Stunned character able to cast spell using 'repeat last action'
issueid=6105 03-13-2018 01:47 AM
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Stunned character able to cast spell using 'repeat last action'

While fighting a Chaos Knight, I got stunned.
Normally, this prevents spell casting.
However, this time, my previous actions was to cast magic missile. When I pressed ' without thinking, my character cast a spell!
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Issue Number 6105
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03-13-2018 04:27 AM
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You have a chance to succeed at casting a spell when stunned. Repeat last action does not guarantee that you will succeed; in this case you got lucky and/or had high willpower.

03-13-2018 02:07 PM
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Learn something new every day.

03-20-2018 02:17 PM
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03-20-2018 06:09 PM
?? So, no longer a chance to cast while stunned?

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