"Your equipment seems to weigh less" - Not important enough to press space for, and other examples
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"Your equipment seems to weigh less" - Not important enough to press space for, and other examples
Making JADE slightly more user friendly by removing button pressing!

A couple of very minor adjustments to make JADE a bit more user friendly. Not really suggestions, but not really bugs either - I like to think of them as interface 'tweaks'

1. In ADOM, you would walk along and as your food rots, you get a message "Your equipment seems to weigh less", but you didn't have to stop and press space, you could just keep walking, unlike in JADE. I agree that some messages should pause you (so you notice the problem), like if your health drops to a critical level, or if you start starving, but not food rotting! Suggesting that you don't have to press space after food rots. Maybe 'alerts' could be ranked as high and low priority, with rotting food being low priority.

2. In a similar fashion, getting 'hungry' shouldn't make you have to press space, but 'very hungry'/'starving' is fine.

3. Picking up multiple items: If you press # 'select all', it should automatically close the pickup screen and pick up the items (without you having to press 'z' to do so). Also requesting that a different key be used instead of #, because of the need to press "shift+3" to use "#"? (A lot of the time, I do want to pick up everything.) Maybe x instead?

4. Can we make it so that you can also eat food off of the ground (ewww...) instead of having to pick it up and put it in your inventory first, if you're standing on top of it?
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11-16-2011 03:12 PM
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I disagree on point 3: Sometimes I want to select all items EXCEPT a certain few. It's faster to select all and then deselect some, instead of selecting almost everything one at a time.

11-16-2011 10:02 PM
I'm for points one, two, and four. Don't really care for point three.

EDIT: I like Aielyn's idea of being able to choose what the game gives you a '(more)' prompt for--it should definitely be insituted at some point.

11-17-2011 01:00 PM
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While I agree on points 1 and 2 regarding the fact that "(more)" prompts are unnecessary, I do think that these sorts of events should be made more prominent.

How about three levels of alert? The first level is the simple "output a message to the message bar", which is easily read back once the recent messages function is reinstated.

The third level is the one that is activating now - a "(more)" message.

The second level, between these two, might do things like put a message in a different location, where the player is less likely to miss it, and leave it there for a few turns.

And with three different levels, there could be user options to change the level of each type of alert - as I see it, the alerts are: low HP, rotting of food items, loss/destruction of inventory, stat changes, special events (like the manifestation of the papyrus scroll in ADoM), and statuses. As default, I'd put special events as the only third-level alert, with stat changes and low HP as first-level and the others as second-level.

Actually, a fourth level could be added, for a popup alert (that is, in a separate window), but would be disabled by default.

Why do I not want rotting food as "low priority"? Because if you're moving around in a dungeon, and move to "hungry", and failed to notice the corpse you'd been planning to eat had rotted away, you may find yourself with no food in a problem situation. At least you have an opportunity to look for more food prior to any impact on stats/speed if you're alerted properly to the fact that your corpse is gone.

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