It seems to me that we have a great community around ADOM and ADOM II. I propose that we change the way these fora are structured to promote comradery between members and perhaps to draw out some of the uncounted invisible stalkers who lurk around, reading, but not posting, as I suspect there are a fair few of them. I currently see this at the bottom of the page:
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I think we should get rid of the <iADOM>, <ADOM RPG> and <Release of the ADOM source code> fora unless anyone thinks there is more to say about the source or that iADOM and RPG actually need their own forum. It's been a year (almost exactly, actually) since the last post in the release the code forum. Everything has been said on both sides. I feel like the RPG forum could easily be just a thread in General. As for the iADOM, well if there are plans to release a mobile version of the game, by all means keep it.

What I'm actually proposing is to get rid of the ones we don't use and add a new one: Forum Games. I think the IRC channel is great for community building, but I believe it can be a bit unwelcoming (not the people, the nature of connecting to IRC) to new people or casually interested people. Having a forum games forum would be fun and involving. Compared to the YAVP forum (for example) where if you can only win by scumming you never really post. Or the general forum, where you may enjoy just reading. The games forum could encourage people to register in order to participate and lead to participation in other fora.

Wikipedia page on forum games
As examples check out the following if you like: XKCD, android forums and The Escapist

I'm not sure if anyone, other than The Creator, can actually alter the layout of the boards, deleting and creating new ones, but I'd like to see a new one created. Check out this thread (XKCD) for an example of a fun game.

Any ideas? Anyone interested in playing Nomic (wikipedia) with me? If I'm the only one who wants to play forum games with the ADOM crew, please disregard this post. But if you'd like to have some fun and get some new blood posting, let me know.