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Thread: Adom II current status and future

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    Default Adom II current status and future

    So I would like to start discussion about Adom II. As I understand, currently work on Adom II is suspended indefinitely, because right now TB is focused on Adom. But what will happen when all Adom indiegogo campaign goals are meet? Are there any plans to return to active Adom II development?

    Personally I would like to see Adom II getting a little bit attention (or even a lot) - even at cost of Adom. Adom is a great game - for almost last 20 years now it gave me a lot of pleasure, joy and fun. But right now I think it's pretty finished game. New features, races, classes can be added to the game, but it still will be same good old Adom. In last decade I had really big hopes with Adom II (aka JADE). I saw it being new quality in roguelike world, new next gen major roguelike. And while I love Adom, personally I would like to see Adom II being improved, even at cost of Adom.

    What are your thoughts?

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    The crowdfunding happened over 3 years ago and there are still quite some unmet goals(we still are waiting for online highscores, a new quest involving volcanoes, Rolf's quest, 5 community suggested quests, many artifacts and probably some other things), so I wouldn't hold my breath for ADOM II development to commence in the near future. It looks like it could become a great game though in the distant future.
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    My answer to the question would be both. I hope that ADOM never gets abandoned but TB can give ADOM II some love too after the crowdfunding promises are all done.

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    Seems that most of the ideas of ADOM II will be included in ADOM. Guess this means the end of ADOM II. And anyway, the current release is already 2.0.3
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    I dont bother how the Game will be called, just want it to develop further.

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