Log file:

Yet another chaos gate closer. My 6th ADOM victory so far and also my third victory with a beast fighter.

As almost all of my ADOM characters this one was created by letting fate decide.

Nothing really special with this one as far as I can remember. I took a very long break from playing at the mana temple and only got back and finished the play through last weekend so I don't remember much details from early game except some notes I've written down.

I think crowning gift was cloak of Oman and acid immunity (the latter I have written down).

Artefact from potion of uselessness was gauntlets of peace.

There was also a GUV on FGJC5 which I skipped because those are not to be messed with in my experience and I managed to avoid the cat lord entirely because the up and down staircases were right next to each other.

I didn't spend too much time on trying to do the courage quest because I forgot to write down what the first kill was (it might have been a kobold but I'm not sure).

I got quite lucky with corruptions in that most were either very useful like acid blood or not so bad as to require curing, which was good as I didn't have a lot of corruption removal because I didn't manage to save Khelavaster and I only traded in two of the guardian corpses for potions of cure corruption.

Also I did have quite a repertoire of spells as can be seen from the log but I only used some of them a few times because the PP regeneration was really lousy so most of time the PP value was too low to cast anything when it would have been useful.