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Thread: Kicking off the Ultimate ADOM discussion

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    Default Kicking off the Ultimate ADOM discussion

    Here you can find an initial content listing for topics I will discuss over the next weeks regarding the design and development of Ultimate ADOM: http://www.ancientdomainsofmystery.c...mate-adom.html
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    All of this is nice, but one point is particularly pertinent... When you play ADOM, you have something amazing that is called the "bottomless backpack", which can hold hundreds of items if not thousands. Among those items, only a very few are useful. This is probably the only roguelike around with such a system. Having the possibility to recycle all the junk you find would be amazing. Maybe add a skill -- Crafting -- to be able to dismantle items into components and use them to improve other items.
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    Sounds like Smithing.

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    Permanent rewards: how should permanent modifications be handled in the future in order to reduce the urge of grinding?
    Assuming permanent modifications refer to mainly stat modifications from eating corpses or training, i think it should be handled like this:
    Each character has a stat "aptitude" (replacing "potential maximums").
    The lower current stats compared to that aptitude, the bigger should be the gain from any eaten corpses or training you do.
    This way Trolls that start with STR 19 can readily train up to the average 25 that their race is supposed to have...

    Stats should also mainly change "on the go", depending on your actions - similarly to how you can easily train Mana; Garth training and herbs should get smaller
    effect for much smaller time investment (i.e. instead of requiring 6 herbs to get a guaranteed change, you would only need one - but the change is not guaranteed at all, and you'd only need one herb per like 1000 turns to maximize their effect).

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