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Thread: Ways to Die

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    Default Ways to Die

    I'm curious about this... How many ways can you die in ADOM? Must be a unique death line (ie being killed by a goblin or a titan is the same, but being roasted by fire breath gives a different message). Some I thought up:

    1. Killed, simply killed. The message you get from most fatal melee attacks.
    2. Aged to death.
    3. Crushed by luggage.
    4. Killed by acute blood poisoning.
    5. Wasted away from the terrible black fever (killed by sickness).
    6. Choking on your own vomit (paralyzed + sick).
    7. Drowning whilst swimming.
    8. Starving.
    9. Collapsing dungeon from kicking the stairs.
    10. Turned into a chaos being (too much corruption).
    11. Transformed into a chaos wretch (non-chaotics killing Andy without wielding the trident).
    12. Exhausted from casting too many spells (casting out of HP).
    13. Roasting to death in the Tower of Eternal Flames.
    14. Eaten by a slavering grue (doomed in darkness).
    15. Wail of the banshee.
    16. Petrified by a gorgon's breath.
    17. Death rayed (actual message is "extinguished" I think).
    18. Eating too many burb roots.
    19. Sacrificed by an NPC.
    20. Break your leg kicking a wall.
    21. Break your neck in a pit trap.
    22. Shredded by chaos pirahnas!
    23. Magic missile yourself to death.
    24. Lightning bolt yourself to death.
    25. Kill yourself with a wand of death.
    26. Whip yourself to death.
    27. Blasted by an energy ray.
    28. Roasted by fire breath.
    29. Electrocuted by mighty lightning strokes (lightning vortex).
    30. Drowned by a water breath attack.
    31. Frozen to death by ice magic/breath.
    32. Break neck whilst climbing (cursed climbing set).
    33. Break neck falling down stairs.

    There must be so many others, but this is about all I can think of (whilst checking out my high score list). Suggest more! I'll edit in all unique ones and we can see just how many we can rack up in total.

    Edited to include:

    34. Death from blood loss.
    35. Died of old age (natural death).
    36. Killed by psychic backlash (mindcrafters contacting undead).
    37. Killed by corrosive fluids (fighting grey oozes unarmed).
    38. Turned into an undead (stat-drained to death by a vampire/wight/wraith/shadow/shadow lord/shadow troll/shadow centipede/slow shadow/spectre/living wall/quasit).
    39. Killed by an unaligned amulet
    40. Crushed by a collapsing ceiling (stone block trap).
    41. Scorched by a fireball trap.
    42. Consumed by a torrent of acid (trap).
    43. Punctured by an arrow trap.
    44. Harpooned by a spear trap.
    45. Frozen by an ice storm (ice vortex).
    46. Roasted by a fiery explosion (fire vortex).
    47. Consumed by acidic fluids (acid vortex).
    48. Sacrificed self to the gods.
    49. Trying too hard to become a great writer (using a writing set on low HP).
    50. Electrocuted by lightning breath.
    51. Dissolved by acid breath.
    52. Blasting self into the afterlife with an alchemical experiment.
    Killed when trying to combine the forces of chaos with the forces of law (dipping SoCR into PoRC).
    54. Killed believing in the promises of chaos (potion of raw chaos exploding)
    55. Blasted into oblivion by an angry deity.
    56. Killed by shattering mirrors.
    57. Falling down the Rift.
    58. Digested by a giant slug/ankheg.
    59. Shot to death (missile attack).
    60. Exploding spellbook.
    61. Shredded by an overloaded wand.
    62. Petrifying self from eating a gorgon corpse.
    63. Break your leg kicking the air.
    64. Blasted by exploding runes (door trap).
    66. Fried by a magical explosion (door trap).
    67. Crushed by falling door.
    68. Head smashed in by falling stone door trap.
    69. Execute self with an energy ray (wand of far slaying).
    70. Annihilated by Keriax (an energy ray only he uses I think).
    71. Enter the plane of Primal Chaos (anyone entering unawares).
    72. Sliced by an eternal Chaos guardian (fail the crowned test).
    73. Shredded to pieces by the inhabitants of the planes of Chaos (fail the corruption test).
    74. Devoured after failing the final test (not wearing the 3 required artifacts).
    75. Drained by a wand of destruction.
    76. Killed by an exploding frog (perhaps the oddest death of all).
    77. Killed by mis-aligned armour.
    78. Killed by drinking lamp oil.
    79. Electrocuted by charged armour.
    80. Squeezed to death for betraying the platinum girdle.
    81. Killed by the kitty ring exploding.
    82. Slaughtered by a barrage of magic missiles.
    83. Aiming improved fireball next to yourself.
    84. Killed by toppling stones from an earthquake.
    85. Electrocuted by the background shock damage in the Air Temple.
    86. Died of pneumonia (in D49 without cold resistance).
    87. Roasted (drakeling heat death).
    88. Badly aimed divine retribution (god trying to bolt an enemy when you're doomed).
    89. Roasted putting the fire orb into the elemental anomaly on D48.
    90. Dissolve self with a wand of acid.
    91. Transform self into ashes with a wand of fire.
    92. Freeze self with a wand of cold.
    93. Exploding scroll of charging (trying to read it without any wands).
    94. Roast yourself with crystals of fire used as missiles.
    95. Exhaust yourself by overdoing the range on an improved fireball.
    96. Terminally break a leg kicking a statue.
    97. Killed by drinking a poisoned cocktail (potion of poison).
    98. Bitten to death by a swarm of spiders (when struggling in webs).
    99. Break neck in self-made hole (w5 with a wand of digging).
    100. Exhaust self with a wand of wonder.
    101. Death ray self with spell or wand of wonder.
    102. Shot with a thrown coin.
    103. Electrocuted by a faulty wand of lightning.
    104. Killed by thorns growing from hands corruption.
    105. Drained of life-force by strong magic (HP reduction from failed book-reading).
    106. Killed by an enemy opening a booby-trapped door.
    107. Transformed into a true servant of chaos (chaotics brashly entering the gate).
    108. Killed by an exploding fluff ball.
    109. Exterminated by vile kobold shaman magic.
    110. Drained of all substance (killed whilst having physical stats drained to minimum).
    111. Drained of all coherence (killed whilst having mental stats drained to minimum).
    112. Exhausted from raising too many undead.
    113. Poisoned by spiderbread.
    114. Break leg kicking a tree.
    115. Break leg kicking a forge.
    116. Break neck in magically created pit (from spellbook failure).
    117. Died of exhaustion before adventure started (low To char starting on Monday).
    118. Break leg kicking an anvil.
    119. Break leg kicking an altar.
    120. Potion of boost toughness/strength/willpower wearing off on low HP.
    121. Monster setting off fireball trap.
    122. Killed by equipped iron item(s) as a mist elf.
    123. Killed by a maggot erupting from skin (maggot corruption).
    124. Killed by internal chaotic flames (non-C chaos knights).

    (used the Hall of Fame and experimentation to get some exact messages - others I tried to put according to memory)
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    [34. Break neck falling down stairs.]
    How do you get this one?

    [2. Aged to death.]
    I am not 100% sure, but maybe dying out of old age (natural aging) gives a different entry?

    I suspect there is also at least one unique way to die for mindcrafters confronting undead, but I don't play these much, so can't say for sure.

    I also suspect there might be a different message for hitting corrosive jellies unarmed, with no gauntlets.

    Two more from me:

    35. Turned into an undead (Wight/Wraith etc.)
    36. Get killed by a mis-aligned amulet
    37. Most traps should give unique death entries. Stone block does this for sure, I'll have to check other traps, but it's kinda hard to get killed by door traps (most of the time they weaken severely and destroy what you need most at the moment).

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    Quote Originally Posted by spectre View Post
    [34. Break neck falling down stairs.]
    How do you get this one?
    Easy, start walking down stairs with the very strained status
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    it seems you forgot the other vertices

    so that would be another 2, one with something about shards of ice and the other with torrents of acidic fluids if I remember correctly, but I forget mostly.

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    38) Sacrificing yourself

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    You can kill yourself by writing too many
    scrolls, with a magical writing set.

    You can be melted by a dragons acid breath.

    Blasting yourself into the afterlife with
    an alchemical experiment.

    Dipping an item into a potion of raw chaos,
    results in an explosion sometimes.

    Dipping a SoCR into a PoRC always results
    in an explosion (I think), and yields a
    message (kind of) like 'was killed when
    trying to combine the forces of chaos with
    the forces of law'.

    Cursed climbing set can kill you while you
    are mountaineering.

    Smited by devine wrath.

    Kicking the air lowers HP's, so there will
    be a message for that too.

    I think if you enter a room of mirrors, with
    a low Ap stat ( I think less than 19 ) the
    mirrors shatter. This also takes a few HP's
    and yeilds the message 'was killed by
    shattering mirrors'. I remember THAT one,
    because of how unfair it was : (

    I remember reading that you can be killed
    by an exploding frog. I must remember to
    do that one day, just for the novelty of it.

    Falling down the rift.

    There are loads more I don't remember.
    Theoretically, you should be able to see
    all of the 'death messages', by simply loading
    the executable into a text editor.
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    All death messages were posted in the exe way in RGRA some years ago. I'm not sure if it is right to post a link, so I won't. But I emember one thing: In earlier versions of ADOM, you could use Burning Hands to burn the webs you were trapped in. There was a chance to burn yourself a little in the process, which could lead to a death. Nowadays you can't use spells while webbed...

    And being killed by a giant slug gives a special message (...was digested by a giant slug), not sure if it's melee or acid breath. Not sure if it counts as a diffenert way to die.
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    executed himself with a lightningbolt - when dying to one of your own bouncing ightnings

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    being killed by a missile weapon is a separate Cause of Death: "John, the human fighter, was killed by a battle axe thrown by a gnoll chieftain".

    Another reason: spellbook exploding when read by a character not up to the task.

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    Quote Originally Posted by reich View Post
    Another reason: spellbook exploding when read by a character not up to the task.

    WHAT?! That can happen? Damn! No books from now! Only crappy tv programs!
    I never won a Adom game...

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