JADE 0.2.2 - Java-based Ancient Domains Engine

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JADE License

JADE currently is provided as postcard-ware which basically means that you can play JADE for as long as you want if you send me a postcard from wherever you live, after you have enjoyed JADE for more than a couple of weeks (e.g. longer than two months). You can find the target address under the "Postcard Quest" button on the main screen of JADE. Additionally you are required to abide by the following licensing terms:

Downloading, storing or starting JADE shows that you agree with above terms.

Supporting JADE Development

Statement of Thomas Biskup: I am developing JADE in my spare time. Since I have to work and pay bills like most people on Earth all donations are welcome. These donations will be used exclusively to further the development of JADE (e.g. by buying better development hardware or software, buying the spare time required to develop, etc.). Naturally you are not required to donate in order to be able to play JADE but it helps to do so nonetheless as each donation buys me a little more time to spend working on JADE. All donations currently are handled via Paypal:

JADE Downloads

Here you can download JADE (Java-based Ancient Domains Engine) in both its current incarnation and the older versions.

Current JADE download (version 0.2.2)

Below you can download JADE 0.2.2, the Java-based Ancient Domains Engine. In order to be able to run JADE you need to have Java 6 installed on your system (preferrably in the latest version). If you have activated JavaScript in your browser the button below should handle this automatically for you. If you have JavaScript disabled for some reason you won't see the button but extra explanations.

Keep in mind the following details:

All JADE downloads