This portal is dedicated to the donors of the ADOM: The Resurrection crowd funding campaign and the people that decided to buy into the ADOM prerelease program. There are several options:

  1. You have donated $40 or more (in whatever combination): Please log into the portal to access your Steam key for ADOM Deluxe. See the instructions below.
  2. You are a 'Seeker' level ($40) donor: You can check for your ADOM Deluxe Steam key and enter/confirm your address for receiving the ADOM Lite RPG. See the instructions below.
  3. You are both a 'Seeker' level donor ($40) and also donated for some other level or have paid to enter the prerelease program: Log into the portal. You can now confirm your address for receiving the ADOM Lite RPG and also specify the still open rewards for the other level. See below for details.
  4. You are a donor of some other level or you bought into the ADOM prerelease program. You can:
    1. Request a new password: Enter just the email address you used to donate to the campaign (no password). Press the "Request password" button. You will receive an email at said account with a password that you can use to login into the portal. Then you will be able to manage your rewards. Important: If you do not receive a mail, please check your spam folder!
    2. Log into the portal: Enter the email address you used to donate to the campaign and the password you received via the function described above. You now are logged into the portal and can process the data required for your pledge rewards.
    Note: If you are a 'Villager' level ($10) donor you are required to enter the name under which you would like to be listed in the Tome of Donors and the memorial website to come. If you don't enter a value I will use the name given while donating. As some donors (of higher levels) preferred to be anonymous you should ask yourself if that's ok with you and act if it's not ok.
  5. You haven't donated to the crowd funding campaign: You can't do anything here. Please be patient until the next official release arrives.

Important note: Address verification now has been activated. For Seekers (ADOM Lite RPG) as well as Questors and everybody above that level (for the inverse postcard quest, code certificates and ADOM RPG boxes) it now is possible to enter your address data. Please do so and confirm its correctness - otherwise nothing will be sent! The current planned deadline for confirming your address data is the 10th of August, 2017!

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