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  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. I don't get it...
  4. How to Pnp?
  5. Questions about PnP RPG
  6. Algorithms
  7. YAVP- Spam!
  8. Nahhh
  9. Yes - but contract the work out
  10. My views
  11. What is everyone hoping for now that the ADOM lite RPG is coming soon?
  12. Dice 'sizes' and quantity
  13. ADOM Lite still not out
  14. Is there any estimate release date?
  15. When is it coming?
  16. ADOM Rpg lite, Ranger?
  17. Wow!
  18. Adom lite ambiguity/calculation consistency
  19. Have you received yours yet?
  20. Range bonus, poison and random encounter rolls
  21. Unsure how/where to contact
  22. Looking for ADOM Lite Players
  23. Kickstarter Announcement: ADOM the Roleplaying game