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02-20-2010, 07:29 AM
Just wanted to know, anyone has played that game, can give opinion, tips? i <3 it it's really like an rpg, but wanted to know more (spoily stuff)

02-20-2010, 09:58 AM
Yea I've tried Angband & zAngband. didn't like neither one of them. I've also tried ToME (which apparently was originally mainly formed from zAngband -source code) but it sucked ass too.

02-20-2010, 10:48 AM
Ever played a table top RPG? Angband has a REALISM to it, you can die SUPER easily, but it's fun, discovering things, evoluting through a world like a normal human would. The randomness really enhances the game play imo

02-20-2010, 02:49 PM
I've tried Angband before, and I might be getting it mixed up with
Stone soup, but I didn't like the bigger-than-window-size dungeon
floors, and the part where a priest cursed at me and I instantly

02-20-2010, 06:01 PM
I'm playing ToME now, it's quite fun. Not as good as ADOM, but it has potential.
From what I was told, Angband is a worse, smaller and more primitive than ToME. The most irritating thing in both games is that all levels (exept special ones) behave like ID, so once you leave, everything resets.

But ToME does not suck, in my opinion. It has a big world, many characters to choose from and nice way of improving skills and magic.

02-24-2010, 06:28 AM
I play on tomenet, it's quite fun. But it's hard to get past the midgame because of lag issues where I live. It's a fairly different game though since it's in realtime. I also like tome a lot, but it's a bit less tactical than adom and focuses more on your character build.