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04-18-2010, 01:56 PM
This forum is clearly a bit on the slow side however, I'd still like to say "Hello!".

And I'd also like to express a huge thank-you to TB for unfathomable hours of enjoyment spent on ADOM.

I've only recently stopped playing it because I managed to crash my last PC's hard-drive, running Win2000 on P4. I'm now on Windows 7 and can't seem to get ADOM working again --- I expect a "move to linux/mac/et. al" comment. Since I've been running such an ancient machine for so long, I've learned to hold gameplay far, far above graphics, so naturally, roguelikes are what I've enjoyed for so long.

Anyway, a bit about me if you'd like to know, I'm male (I suppose that's assumed here <_<), I'm 17, and I'm Australian. I love music; literature; visual and performing arts. In fact, I love art in all it's forms, unfortunately I lack the time and patience (and perhaps skill) to create any, but I appreciate it none the less.

So, what I came here for:


Thank you.

04-19-2010, 02:38 AM
Hello SpecialCookies.

If you want to run ADOM on Windows 7, have you tried the WinBeta version of it? If that doesn't work, you can always emulate a working environment for ADOM to run in. This can be done with ADOM Sage with the Linux version of ADOM or with a program such as DOSbox with the DOS version of ADOM.

I would also suggest trying out the ADOM ssh server but it is sadly experiencing some troubles at the moment.

04-21-2010, 10:51 AM
here is the link to the forum thread of the ssh-accessible public server