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10-03-2011, 05:58 PM
Anybody ever tried this game? It's a slightly-futuristic themed roguelike where you are (currently) the sole survivor of a zombie apocalypse. At this point, goals and story haven't really been added, so it's just survive as long as you can before the zombies eat your brains. I've found it to be quite amusing and fairly challenging, and the playstyle/interface is fairly user-friendly. It's still in alpha, so it's a bit buggy, but is otherwise not too bad.

It's available for Windows or Linux here (https://github.com/headswe/Cataclysm)

07-01-2013, 01:43 PM
New thread. The game was taken over by the modders. It has alot of features now and regular releases. They just started a kickstarter so they can hire a full time programmer. It is very in depth and detailed. Its the best survival roguelike out there. Alot more than just zombies. It is also open source. The code base is on GITHUB. People are encouraged to mod the game and then work with the core group to role the mods into the main branch.


07-01-2013, 01:49 PM
It's a very cool game, a lot of depth to it. Interface is a bit frustrating, but hopefully that's something that will improve after the Kickstarter. I interviewed two of the devs for it last night for Roguelike Radio - they're very friendly and have a lot of good ideas to improve the game.

07-01-2013, 04:30 PM
parts of the UI are clunky and not obvioius. How to get water is not obvious.

Tip: All containers are coded like weapons. so if you find a jug of ammonia or bleach. Wield(w) it and then press 'U'nload and then when inventory comes up press enter. Dumps contents on floor. Then use that to get water at a sink/toilet. Don't drink it since it has to be boiled first. I had to ask on the forums how to do the unload.

They are getting better at this. Inventory and the ability to find stuff by press 'V' for all nearby items is helpful. The game has damage by body location and fatigue by body location (so if you wear a backpack your torso is fatigued and you can't dodge as easily). It also has a more complex implementation of mutations(corruptions in ADOM) than ADOM does and more of them. Both positive and negative. The end game content is limited. However, the guys coding it are pumping out new releases quickly. They actually do nightly builds and this is by people just doing this for fun.

If you want to play a roguelike where you have access to the source code and like to mod. This is the place to be. Modding is encouraged and the core group works to role mods into the main branch.

It also has a very detailed crafting and construction system (can build your own shelter).
unique features
-- you can get sick from being unhealthy
-- heat/cold. need to bundle up to sleep, etc...slows you down if too hot or cold.
-- unique XP system. No levels. Skills only. changed to what they call a 'morale'/focus system. Its in first release and needs tinkering
-- skills erode from lack of use (can turn this off)
-- injuries/fatigue by body location. same with damage
-- very detailed crafting system.
-- lots of types of zombies (including zombie necromancer,cops, and soldiers). plus dangerous non-zombie mobs. jabberwocky, worms, animals, giant ants, flaming eyes, etc... you can add more
-- many types of weapons from all types of guns, explosives, melee, unarmed style
-- cars: can build your own car. This system is a little clunky and can use some coding help. very detailed though.
-- can construct your own shelter to live in
-- lots of towns and unique building area types (prisons,cathedrals, hospitals, mansions, FEMA camps, military bases)
-- day/night cycle. Night time is dark and you can't see far (tip always take night vision. its safer to go to town at night since zombies can't see as far)
-- weather, acid, rain, snow, seasons
-- virtually all items can be dissembled to get to base parts that can be built into other stuff
-- noise: sound isnt as important with the new static spawns. that could use help enhancing it. used to be if you break a window and are loud zombies spawn by you. If you like to mod, you could help with this