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07-17-2009, 10:51 PM
Ok, so these are pretty much still just notions without any planning, but here they are:

I was thinking it would be interesting to be able to take items and use a skill/spell to turn them into pure materials. Maybe it could be like you use the 'refining' skill on a wooden shield and turn it into a heap of blocks of wood, weighing n percent of the original object (n=refining skill level, rounded up, but with a failure chance), at about 10s each, so they'd be based on the material (wood, iron, eternium, stone, etc) and the weight (more metal in a longsword than a dagger) and these refined materials could be used to make things, such as using metals to make or upgrade weapons, similar to ingots in ADOM, or using refined wood for fletching, though with the current state of materials systems, this would be kind of restricted, which leads to the next ideas:

I was thinking that bridge building is kinda a lame skill because of the lack of need once you can freeze water, so it could be expanded to general-purpose 'building', which could be used to build walls and doors. This could be used for strategic purposes, or you could just go to a village, demolish everything with a pickaxe, then write your name in walls. I also suggest building on phauli's idea and having different types of doors and walls, maybe special glass walls which are invisible to people and monsters with low perception until they walk into them (heh, bees bouncing into walls over and over again not realizing they're there) but can be broken down easily by kicking them or throwing something through them. Wooden walls/doors could be built out of logs and stone walls/doors could be built out of stones, any types could be made of the materials refined from the first idea.

Golems can be very powerful, and since there are types made of all sorts of things, and they're obviously magic-powered constructs, I was thinking, how about being able to make golems? They could be built as plain models using material blocks, then animated through some sort of magic (a spell that animates them at the same power as a normal golem but they de-animate after a number of turns equal to the amount of PP used, and a wand that gives them a default of 100 turns per zap?). They could be used for combat help but maybe also other purposes, and they'd always follow your commands, no matter your stats or relation with them.

As i said at the top, most of this was just hashed together, but i thought it might be interesting.

PS. This would work better if a couple more materials were added, specifically glass and flesh.

07-07-2011, 12:54 AM
yes i would really like to be able to build walls and doors with a skill.... i was thinking some kind of masonry skill for walls and some kind of carpentry skill for doors...

07-07-2011, 01:15 AM
How cool would it be to use a golem constructing skill to make a greater meat golem out of bits of karmic dragon, then use a spell called "transfer consciousness" so that you become the golem. Could be limited duration or could be permanent.

07-21-2011, 08:47 AM
i want to be able to build stairs too.

So that I can make my own dwarf fortress :)