View Full Version : Thinking of playing Adom plus need quest like roguelikes?

08-04-2009, 02:46 PM
Hi all,

I was playing ADOM a while back and the game was top notch, however being new to roguelikes I got this silly thing in my head that because ADOM didnt have multiple world map areas I would try and seek a roguelike that had this. (It was kind of silly as ADOM is one of the best ones)

Anyway Im going to start ADOM again but does it have lots of quests?

I like TOME and am currently enjoying legerdemain. I also tried to play omega and that seemed to be what I would be looking for but the interface was very clunky and I didnt get too far with it.

As well as ADOM could anyone suggest any roguelikes that are packed with quests? I want this so that if I need to grind lots of quests give some more purpose to saying in a manageable level area to quest

I also tried Ivan and lots more but I think I prefer ascii

Any ideas?

P.S thinking of putting some more time in my rogue dev project but I need some ideas and inspiration , I also want to learn a really great adom class which is great and is not a basic warrior class, what build would you suggest and how is it you veterans setup your macros for spells etc since I have never went a caster(I need to know whats importanmt for them)

08-04-2009, 05:52 PM
ADOM is not generally very class based, but I guess if you want a really great ADOM class which is not a basic warrior class, the wizard is the greatest. I'm not sure if you can set up a quick spell list actually - my usual procedure is "Z" followed by selecting the spell I want.

Important for casters:

Learning, as it provides you with more castings for your spells from a single spellbook. With 25 Learning, you can get 800 castings of your starting attack spellbook, with 15 Learning you might have to make do with 400. The higher your Learning, the less often you have to fall back on melee and missiles. Learning also generally affects your success in reading harder spellbooks, making it overall extremely important.

Mana, as it provides you with the PP to fuel your spellcasting. Lower PP scores means you will have to rest between spellcasting binges more often, and have lower stamina in battle. Casting from HP is bad for your mana score and should only be considered in a pinch.

Willpower (sort of), as it generally improves range and effect of your damage spells... But for bolt spells it's not a great factor in their power. However, later in the game a willpower score of 32, as hard as it may be to get, will greatly improve the area of effect of your ball spells.

Mana improves with spellcasting over time, so while a low Mana score hampers you somewhat it's not usually crippling, but a low Learning score will inhibit your progress since you can't afford to cast spells as often as you might like, and increasing Learning is kind of hard.

08-07-2009, 06:51 PM
Portralis can be a lot of fun, especially the class/job system in it. Only thing I dont like is it being a *band variant theres a bit too much grinding for my tastes, but it does have plenty of quests and storyline (Albeit the story is a bit weak) but i still go back now and then. ToME was a lot of fun until developement came to a crawl. Sometimes i feel like it was better as PernAngband.