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11-09-2018, 08:33 PM
Whether you are a chaos cultist, a divine soul of the Church of Light or an amateur hedge magician, you can feel the tantalizing taste of magic on your tongue. The pleasant chill running down your spine when you invoke your incantation to dazzle or kill, to heal or overcome. The power running through your veins, manifesting in wonders defying and breaking the laws of creation. The swirling chaos of raw energy only your strong will can shape into deadly attacks.

You have read about spellcasting in Ultimate ADOM (https://www.ultimate-adom.com/index.php/2018/11/09/putting-the-magic-back-into-magic/), you have listened to Brannalbin (https://www.ultimate-adom.com/index.php/2018/11/06/brannalbin/), the greatest magician on Ancardia.

And now we ask for your contribution. Close your eyes. Feel the magic within you. Form the raw matter with your will and create a spell.

Now describe it to us.

Come up with a cool effect, come up with an even cooler name.

The three entries submitted until end of November we like best will make it into Ultimate ADOM - Caverns of Chaos. And of course, when the time comes, the three magicians having submitted their best spell will get a copy of the game for free on a platform of their choice once it is available.

Good luck!

11-09-2018, 10:23 PM
Lightning storm; multi turn spell. Affects a large area specified by the caster similar to improved fireball, but larger area. Within the specified area there is a random chance of causing lightning damage on every round after spell is cast, but not on the round it was cast.

11-09-2018, 10:33 PM
Enchant weapon; when cast it allows you to add an effect from spells you already know onto your melee weapon or ranged ammunition. Effectiveness increases duration, and effectiveness of target spell effect increases damage/bonus. Spell consumes knowledge from both spells chosen, and spell pp cost is both spell costs multiplied by each other.

11-09-2018, 11:24 PM
Corruption Extraction

Targets a single creature within the caster's line of sight. Can self-target.

If the target has corruptions, it loses all of them and one writhing mass of primal chaos allied to the caster is summoned per corruption removed. If the target is a chaos monster (e.g. chaos warrior, balor), it instead takes a large amount of damage, and a number of writhing masses proportional to the strength of the target are summoned. If the target is neither corrupted nor a chaos monster, the spell has no effect. Whenever one of the summoned writhing masses of primal chaos dies, the caster gains a corruption.

11-09-2018, 11:43 PM

Living entities are drawn into each other. Fatally. Basically, choose several enemies that are each turn drawn closer to each other and crushed against each other, doing damage based on... the complexity of the code. Damage done could take into effect size and even the type of the enemy (scales, stone, flesh, etc.). For extra coding complexity, take into account type of armor (a plate-mail wielding enemy would receive less damage than the same enemy without armor when drawn against each other) Example: several goblins and a dragon. The goblins are crushed against the huge scaly dragon, and vaporized, whereas the dragon receives barely any (if at all) damage. Good for getting rid of fodder to fight the real battle. Good in combination with other spells - animate a wall and crush your enemies against it! Have a particularly sharp horror-enemy? Dismember limbs! Animate a weapon, the weapon is flung at the enemy and does damage based on the weapon damage stat. Get all your enemies grouped up together and then flash them with some bounce-spells (lightning or something) etc. Would be time-based, so far-off drawn enemies might not even get close enough to get crushed and thus suffer no consequences, especially if they are large or heavy.

The spell, damage dependent on physical forms, wouldn't be much use for enemies without substance, except for maybe drawing them together for some other purpose.

Many ways to implement it depending on how deep you want to go. Either have a central enemy that others are drawn to (or the central enemy is drawn to something larger) and take damage based on that central enemy, or have all enemies drawn to each other at a mid-point whereas they take damage based on other enemies near them. The spell can be incredibly complex (what is taken into account when moving enemies and calculating damage) or simple (for example, only size is taken into account) yet still fun to use. Could also use non-living entities to be drawn to (like a pillar in the middle of the room or something), but that might make the spell OP, thus the condition of living things. Maybe explained by the need for souls, thus it could categorize it as a corruption magic (it's a pretty heinous spell) or soul magic if there's such a thing. The drawing could be lessened or even countered with resistances. It's magic, so magic resistance? Possibilities are endless!

My personal wish would be that it would take as much into account as possible - size, heaviness, type of skin, armor, form (enemies getting dismembered on sharp creatures or impaled on spiky creatures or animated traps and so on). Also can target self to add your pound of flesh into the amalgamation. Cost would depend on the amount of creatures (up to a maximum) and the size / heaviness of creatures, and would drain power each turn (which could be ended at will) up to a max number of turns, thus making it dynamic to use.

11-10-2018, 12:12 AM
Sand blast; does minor physical damage (1d4+E) and may blind creatures in a cone in front of the caster. Range is affected by willpower and effectiveness increases damage and blindness duration.

Acidic mist; does acid damage in the area around the caster for increasingly more damage over several rounds based on effectiveness and willpower. Enemies will flee from mist if possible. Duration is 2+Wi/8 and damage is {(Wi/2)divided by # rounds left}d(4+E/5)

11-10-2018, 01:02 AM
Summon Gaffer
Type: Summoning Spells

Calls forth a farmer minion that has 100 herbalism skill. It randomly plants seeds while following you through the dungeon. If there are plants around, he harvests them and drops the herbs on the floor for you to pick up. Alignment changes what creature type appears: L character will summon a hurthling farmer, N will summon a random humanoid race, C will summon an undead skeleton farmer. They can be left behind to farm an area as long as it is walled/fenced in.

11-10-2018, 01:41 AM
This isn’t a new spell per se, but it is a suggestion for the implementation of magic; firstly, make spell effects Linger, for example, frost bolt makes you feel cold or freezes a portion of your or your enemies body. Or lightning bolt puts the nervous system in disarray for a while. Secondly, there should be allowed a synergistic effect, such as you cast frost bolt on an enemy in a swamp and it traps them in frozen ground. Or perhaps cast firebolt after frost bolt, it unfreezes the enemies body, but it has a chance of causing system shock or shattering their weapon. Also cast acid on an enemy then fire, and it creates an acidic vapor.

Sam Handelman
11-10-2018, 03:58 AM
Are Arcane, Druidic and Divine spells going to be learned differently, or will they still come from books you find dropped as random treasure?

O Taberna (Arcane, Bardic, Alchemic)
This spell shares the gift of drink and song, for good or ill
Select a potion in your inventory, then either target an enemy or yourself; either a single hostile target suffers the full effect, or all friendly targets in line of sight gain a reduced benefit.
Like all Bardic spells, this spell requires a musical instrument, and the effectiveness and casting speed are modified by Music.
Like all Alchemic spells, this spell requires an ingredient in inventory, and the effectiveness and success chance are modified by Alchemy.

Orient Self (Druidic, Bardic)
This spell sends the caster into a musical trance, to better attune with spirits
This spell lasts as long as the caster takes no non-spell casting actions. For the duration, Shamanic spells are cast faster and more easily (at reduced power cost.) Moving or fighting breaks the trance immediately.
Like all Bardic spells, this spell requires a musical instrument, and the effectiveness and casting speed are modified by Music.
http://powersandperils.org/books/ver6/PnPv2.pdf ( search for "Orient Self" )
Powers and Perils has an interesting spell list overall, actually. Elf Shot and Quarrels are

Shillelagh (Druidic, Shamanic)
Bane Blade (Arcane, Shamanic, Necromancy)
Thunderstruck (Arcane, Shamanic, Elemental: Lightning)
Most Shamanic spells turn your equipment into fetishes of various kinds, but this requires a positive relationship with the corresponding type of spirit. Summoning a manifested spirit is higher level and more dangerous, but is also shamanic, as is Control Undead, a few others.
These three spells all turn your wielded weapon into a fetish (binding a spirit into it temporarily.) This sours your relationship with the corresponding spirit type temporarily, but your relationship improves if you use the fetish in a fashion favored by the corresponding spirit.
Necromancers start with a positive relationship with undead, Druids and to a lesser-extent Rangers and Beastmasters a positive relationship with nature spirits, Elementalists with all of the elementals. Bards should probably get random spirit friends. Chaos priests are presumably on relatively good terms with Demons.

Voodoo (Divine, Chaos)
If cast at a corpse, this spell creates a voodoo doll, which is a sympathetic link to monsters of the same type. Making voodoo dolls spreads corruption in the vicinity (including to the caster).
If cast at such a sympathetic link, the caster may choose to stab the doll in different places, producing ill effects at a randomly selected nearby monster of the same type. The spell has limited range but does not require line of sight, etc. Using voodoo dolls in this way is not corrupting. Some other chaos spells can also utilize voodoo dolls.

Witchglow (Druidic, Chaos)
Enemies within line of sight are slowed and corrupted. Allies (including the caster) are corrupted but not slowed. This spell is harmful to light-sensitive beings but does not dispel darkness (the witchglow is too otherwordly to be used to see.)

Maybe you want Rune Magic? Do people have to carve the runes before hand and then cart them around? You were working on a system that would let people build boats and stuff; there could be rune magic that interacts with that.
Retromud has Rune Vikings who both carve runes and also carve equipment out of available wood and such.
Alternatively, Runic Magic could deal with scrolls in your inventory the same way that alchemy deals with potions.

11-10-2018, 04:29 AM
Alter Reality

Manipulate the world around you allowing you to freely change the terrain to add/remove walls, water tiles, lava tiles, or other terrain features so that you may prepare the battlefield of your choosing.

11-10-2018, 09:28 AM
Scroll of unyielding

A glorified rustproofing, choose an item and make it indestructible, but also unable to receive any upgrades.

11-10-2018, 03:19 PM
I think it would be really great if players will have options to make new spells in game. For example like in Mages of Mystralia, where you have a table of effects, which you can combine to get new spells with various effects. I don't mean that every spell should be like that, but some elements of spell crafting would be nice.

11-10-2018, 03:37 PM
Entropic Touch.

The dark art of using a necromantic touch to pass on decay, time and erosion. While only causing minor damage and aging to powerful enemies, a spell like this could have lots of creative uses. Can't pick a lock on a door? Maybe you can get the lock wet, use Entropic Touch and watch it rust to pieces before your eyes. Or if you've got the skill and power, just rot the door completely. How the spell scales is a matter of balance of course. Perhaps a grand necromancer can use Entropic Touch on one of the knights attacking him and watch the rest flee as their comrade is reduced to a dusty skeleton.

I'm thinking it'd be a less boring version of the classic vampiric touch, giving necromancers a creative and a themed way to do environmental destruction and other effects.

11-10-2018, 03:57 PM
My favorites:

Disperse Damage:
Reduce incoming damage for targeted character (self, enemy, or ally) by 10% for each of targeted character's nearby allies. Affected allies each take the full damage that was dispersed. So if there are 3 enemies approaching and you cast it on one, the one you cast it on will take 80% damage and the other two will each take 20% damage, for 120% total damage per attack.
This could also be adapted to be more of a geomancer-type of spell where instead of allies it affects walls at a smaller percentage (which are destroyed after taking so much damage).

Devour Mind:
For creatures with a brain, confuse them. If creature is already confused, put them to sleep. If the creature is confused and sleeping, give them a 'nightmare' debuff. If creature is confused, sleeping, and has a nightmare, kill them instantly. This spell is designed to be cast multiple times on the same target for new effects each time.

Choose target creature. Upon killing 100 of them without recasting Extinction, that creature will never spawn again during the game.

Other ideas:

Null Sphere:
A timeless sphere appears around the caster, freezing everything (creatures, projectiles, etc) except for the caster. The caster may move freely and attack within the sphere without taking a turn, but may only make 5 actions before it expires.

Summon God:
For a max-piety Priest, summon a mortal form of your God for a short period of time as an ally at the cost of all piety. They are extremely strong, but if they die (should be nearly impossible, but maybe...), you can no longer use their powers.

Move an object from one tile to another tile. The implementation is what can make it interesting though. Pick up a sword on the ground 10 tiles away and send it towards you, damaging any enemies in the way. Move a rock around a gate to place on a pressure plate to open a door. Pick up a light creature and drop them from the ceiling. Combine with a spell that makes a temporary hole in a wall to silently steal items from a shopkeeper.

Mist Form:
Drains Mana while active. When in mist form, take no damage and do no actions other than move. Can move through anything that has cracks in it (doors, grates, etc).

Enchanted Weapon:
Choose a weapon from your inventory to float around you and deal damage to a random nearby enemy whenever you take an action,

11-10-2018, 10:41 PM
Here are the first few that came to me as I read "Putting the Magic Back in to Magic"

*Flash of Foresight* -Divination- "A mage that walks closely with destiny may, on occasion, predict the future of another"
The caster may target a creature to learn it's next action (i.e. "The Gelatinous Cube will attack you! It will hit for 12 damage. You will be paralyzed. Perhaps you should step away?"). Casting this spell does not advance time. Casting cost increases according to the power of the target.

*Fate Walk* -Divination- "Destiny has many paths; the master of Fate knows them all."
Casting this spell has a high (perhaps permanent?) cost. Once the spell is cast the adventurer may go about their business for the next 5 (10?) turns, at which point they will be returned to the condition, place, and time when they cast the spell. A seed (in programming terms, not herbalism :-) has been generated, so that the result of all RNG returns during that time will be the same if the player performs identical actions to what they did while fate-walking. Thus the advanced fate-walker may experiment with battles, potions, ,spells,character interactions, etc. if he is willing to pay the casting price of the spell.

*Nothing In My Hat* -Hedge Magic- "...it's empty, as you can see. But when I reach inside...Look! here's Mr. Flopsy!"
This famous and simple conjuration produces a rabbit from the caster's hat to amaze friends and distract enemies. The rabbit chooses a random direction to run at high speed. Enemies tangent to it's path may turn and chase the rabbit. When performed near NPC's they have a chance of being: "amazed" improving their reaction to the caster, "disappointed" lowing their opinion of the caster, or "afraid" (small chance, dependent on NPC level?) causing them to flee for a short time. If starving, perhaps you could eat your faithful magic pet...but such an action would surely have consequences!

11-10-2018, 11:34 PM
Summoned shield; summons an ethereal shield in front of the caster to deflect and absorb attacks.duration; 10 turns/E
Dv; 1+E/10 pv; will/10. Shield skill applies to the summoned shield, however if already wielding a shield, skill only applies once. Allows 1 more enemy to surround you without penalties.

11-13-2018, 10:24 AM
All of these are great so far. Thanks for the suggestions, but don't forget to give your spells an epic name so you'd recognize them in-game!

And keep them coming!

11-14-2018, 05:36 AM

Targets a single living creature adjacent to the caster. Creature must be larger than the caster.

If the target fails to resist the spell, the caster is able to infiltrate and hide within its body. The target is rendered mindless, and the caster gains control of its body. The caster can use all of the physical special abilities of the target, but none of its former spells or other mental abilities. While inside the target, the caster loses access to their own physical special abilities, but retains the ability to cast spells and use their other mental abilities. The caster takes half of any damage dealt to the target, but cannot otherwise be attacked until the target is destroyed. The caster is able to sustain themselves with nutrients drawn from the target, but the target still requires food and will get hungry and suffer penalties as normal.

11-15-2018, 05:58 AM
All of these are great so far. Thanks for the suggestions, but don't forget to give your spells an epic name so you'd recognize them in-game!

And keep them coming!

Vex, ideas abound! Do we have a limit on entries? And if we may have more entries, do you prefer we add them to our original post or continue to add new posts as we get ideas?

11-16-2018, 03:43 AM
Turquoise of Teleportation
Creates a light blue glowing bulb on the ground that, when 'h'andled, teleports you to another Turquoise of Teleportation, chosen randomly, in the same level. Casting this spell consumes one uncursed or blessed turquoise in your inventory if you have one, otherwise it fails.

Scry Lifeform
Type a creature name (like one does with the Monster Memory). For the duration of the spell, you can see the nearest instance of that creature on the same level as you, as well anything within one space of that creature.

Gem Manifest Armor
Upon casting the spell, choose a gemstone in your inventory to be consumed. For the duration (which is shorter or longer depending on cursed/blessed status of the gem), you gain life instead of taking damage when dealt damage by an energy type associated with that gemstone. Amber = Lightning damage, Ruby = Fire damage, Sapphire = Cold damage, Emerald = Acid Damage, Opal = Poison damage.

11-28-2018, 05:38 AM
Swallow the Purloined Life

The target temporarily looses all skills and spells as the caster steal a piece of the target's soul. For the same duration, the caster gains access to all the skills and spells of the target, as they swallow the stolen soul.

11-29-2018, 10:41 AM
Russian roulette

Does a lot of damage to an enemy close to you but it has the 1/6 change to get inflicted on the caster itself instead.

11-29-2018, 07:18 PM
Intangibility -- Grants the spellcaster the ability to walk through walls for a very short amount of time. Perhaps deadly if you suddenly become tangible inside of a wall.

Lifetap -- Dark necromantic magic that allows you to drain the very life out of a creature. Heals the caster for as much damage as is inflicted (or a portion thereof). A chaotic magic, liberal use of this spell drops your alignment. No effect on undead or constructs.

Tangleroot -- Similar to web, this spell shoots out a ray of dense and tripping roots. Creatures who walk over this root are significantly slowed, and potentially even stopped in their tracks.

Create Food -- desperate wizards are sometimes able to sustain themselves on Mana alone. Casting this spell creates a bountiful meal that greatly satiates the caster. (Maybe at the cost of a temporary Mana or PP loss.)

Stomp -- This range:1 spell deals massive damage to bugs. It annoys any other type of creature.

Panic The Dead -- A wave of fear subtly disrupts necromantic magics. Fears undead in an AOE.

Command -- One enemy becomes Tame for a short while. Is hostile afterwards and cannot be Tamed again.

Prismatic Ray -- Shoots a ray of magic that is of a random element. Acts identically to Frost bolt, Fire Bolt, Acid Bolt etc. Could be non-elemental (ie. magic missle) or even non-typical elements such as Earth or Mana.

Alchemize -- This spell has the ability to turn certain items into Gold. Some foolish wizards make their living Alchemizing all day. Everyone knows adventuring is much more profitable, albeit more dangerous.

Breath Water -- This spell causes the caster to grow tiny gills just under their ears.

These are just a few of the ideas I had. I would love to see some of these added. They could seriously increase a casters options in-game. I'd like to see some non caster abilities that are exclusive to the mundane classes, too. That would be fun.

11-30-2018, 01:16 PM
Inner sight- makes you see through the dark, so if you stay inside you see outside lit area as well as shadows of creatures luring through the darkness. Can be cast on companions.
Animate weapon - makes a weapon lying on the ground in adjacent square your animated companion for a few turns. After the spell wears off, the weapon corrodes or with a small chance is destructed. Artifacts, ranged and rusted weapons can not be animated. Weapons that can't be corroded will still have a chance to be destructed.
Fate shift - applies a random beneficial or bad effect for duration, the effects include all existent instinsics and statuses (resistances, immunities, blessed, cursed, doomed, fate smiles, lucky, hungry, satiated, bloated, overburdened, strained!, strained, levitating, deaf, blind, and so on), temporarily reducing mana stat (more mana for strong ones like immunities, blessed, etc.) and adding health for the bad ones (cursed, doomed, sickness, poison, etc.). Alignment drops become stronger during the duration as your deity is watching you closely. The first casts starts a set of effects. The maximum size of set is limited to 1+Wi/16 effects, +1 for being extreme alignment (L+, N=, C-), +1 for being crowned. Each effect increases the duration of the set, and all of the effects wear off only when the set duration ends (sick, poison and such stuff can't be cured by any means and are removed on the duration end). After the set has wear off, the next casts starts the new set. Only bad effects occur after becoming a fallen champion.

12-03-2018, 12:47 AM
I am a huge 2nd edition guy...as such ive always been drawn towards spells that require components and overly complicated logistics. Im not sure how feasible that will make implantation (im not a programmer :rolleyes:) but here goes.

Binding- Binds creatures (as long as the creature fails a willpower roll) into a gem equipped in your tool slot. Different gems could be used to different effects. Maybe 1 type of gem converts the creatures life-force into a usable HP boost while another converts the creatures life-force into a mana battery. Another type could simply imprison a creature for release at a later time. Another takes control of the creatures mind and whoever holds the gem has control (tamed) the creature. Maybe some types of creatures infuse the gem with fire/ice/acid/magic resistance etc, etc. Then (if implemented) maybe the resistance gems could be a component in weapon-smithing. Also maybe adding clothing and jewelry making to smithing?

12-03-2018, 02:57 PM
The next spell you cast has its effect repeated once, with the same direction / target. (perhaps a few problematic spells are impossible to Reverberate)

Summons a spectral image of Target creature (monster or self) that is immune to damage. After X turns it disappears.

Absorb Energy
The next time you would be damaged by fire or lightning damage, you gain that much mana instead.

Time Travel
Target creature (monster or self) disappears from the world for 50 turns. Then it returns at the same location. If the location is occupied by another creature on return, that creature dies. If the location is occupied by a wall on return, or by another creature that is immune to Djinni strangulation, the time traveling creature dies instead.

12-17-2018, 03:55 AM
Awwww, Astral Projection? Gate? Fabricate?