Monsters' behavior when you're invisible
issueid=1199 08-24-2012 02:05 AM
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Monsters' behavior when you're invisible

Several times, with the DOS version of 1.2.0 prerelease 1, I've observed a monster that doesn't see invisible and doesn't know about my presence attack me when I was invisible instead of remaining where it is and generating the message, "The foo seems to search for someone or something." The turn after this happens, the monster returns to its normal behavior. I have yet to see this happen in a non-corridor location. I possess screenshots that demonstrate this bug and can share them if requested.
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Issue Number 1199
Project ADOM (Ancient Domains Of Mystery)
Category MS-DOS
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Priority Unknown
Affected Version ADOM 1.2.0 pre 1
Fixed Version ADOM 1.2.0 pre 7
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08-24-2012 06:18 AM
Ancient Member
I think this happens when the monster is non-hostile and tries to move to the tile you are occupying. Then 'accidently' attack you?

08-29-2012 06:57 PM
Update: I just had this happen again, but this time in the middle of a room, and not a corridor. The monster was nonhostile at first, but after I received a message about its missing me, I checked and saw that it was now hostile. I wonder if it became hostile, then attacked me, or if it attacked me and then its status changed to hostile? What you said could be true, Stingray. Unfortunately, I didn't start keeping track of hostile/nonhostile status of the buggy monsters until I read your post.

12-11-2012 08:20 AM
The Creator
This is a combination of side effects. Sometimes monsters get hostile, sometimes monsters accidentally move into you, sometimes hostile monsters manage to notice you for a brief moment and attack. So it's not a bug.

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