Many items do not auto-identify when equipped, and it feels they should
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Many items do not auto-identify when equipped, and it feels they should
Certain items do not automatically identify when equipped, even though their effects may not be subtle enough to warrant it.

Certain items do not automatically identify when equipped, even though they have visible effects on the player's attributes, DV/PV, environment, etc.

A non-comprehensive list would be:
* Girdles of giant strength
* Girdles of weight
* Ring of the master cat
* Ring of immunity
* Ring of the High Kings
* Amulets of light
* Pendants of mana
* Amulets of the cold heart
* Amulets of speed
* Black torc
* Spider shell armors (the +5 PV kind). Assumedly this would be because the PC can't tell these and regular shell armors apart, but the other ones do auto-ID when worn.
* Brass knuckles (DV and PV rating doesn't appear)
* Brass bracers (only bracers for which DV and PV rating doesn't appear)
* Everburning torches (melee and tool slots)

How to reproduce it
Find any of the above items, then equip it.

No -color- dragon-hide gauntlets and -color- leather gauntlets will auto ID when worn, but that's acceptable because the PC can't know which is which without "formal" identification.

On a separate note, rings of karmic absorption do identify when worn, and it feels they shouldn't.
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09-05-2012 08:07 PM
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At least for artifacts, I wouldn't expect it. They're supposed to be one-of-a-kind, a thing of legend - the PC shouldn't realize what he's just put on without magical efforts.

Which is something to be kept in mind for many of these; that the effect itself is noticable doesn't mean that knowledge of that particular magical item's powers is so widespread the PC should immediately realize he's wearing one. But then, for many other magical items, he does. Weird.

12-11-2012 10:00 AM
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This yesterday was tackled with some other issue (forgot the number). The idea is that any item with a variable modifier (e.g. to speed or attribute) doesn't auto-identify. But there was a bug that prevented others from identifying as they should have.

06-15-2016 11:00 AM
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I think this is worthy of another look.

The main problem with current implementation is that the PC can still determine what bonuses are granted, by looking at their stats, putting the item in question on and looking again.
That way you will know instantly whether it has a PV/DV bonus, a to-hit/to-damage modifier, attribute bonuses (or penalties like cold heart).
Instead of having that information in one place, you need to check several screens. These days you can even add a note to the item that tells you what it does.
Wouldn't auto-id be a much better solution here? Come on. There could be at least partial ID that shows PV/DV, hit/damage and attribute modifiers, if not the name.

The only outcome you achieve by not letting those items be equip-ided is forcing the players to search through various menus for the change, equipping and unequipping different items.
It's not intuitive, there is zero added value here, you're only increasing the UI hassle.
I understand that rings/amulets/bracers/gloves etc granting resistances/intrinsics are not auto-ided because the effect is more subtle.
However, anything that changes numbers otherwise easily viewable in inventory or on character tab should auto-id instantly.

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